Introducing Chamber Pot Brewing Company

  I know…talk about a title that grabs your attention, aye? No, we are not going to speak abut the world of the 1800’s, or the ‘familiar’ usage of a chamber pot. In fact, we are going to talk abut an amazing company that is just about ready to ‘open its doors’ and allow everyone […]

Thousand Oaks, California: Beauty, Wealth & a Fantastic TAN!

Thousand Oaks, California: Beauty, Wealth & a Fantastic TAN!   Now…I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone even need a tan in the state of California? I mean, isn’t it simply a given that you have that nice coloring because of the constant rays of sunshine that exist in that area of the world?  […]

Where Are Your Sales Priorities

    By Dan Caramanico Keeping your sales priorities straight is both simple and difficult. It should be obvious what we spend our time on but it must be difficult because so many salespeople spend time on the wrong things. Recently a client hired a salesperson that had great promise. He had all of the […]

The Ultimate Exercise Franchise

  Yes…‘X’ marks the spot. I’ve told you that before, as we took our road trip in the brutal heat and found the amazing ‘X’ that stood out in the MassageLuXe salons across the country. We talked about running into those immaculate franchises, sitting in the cool air, and being pampered like crazy with the […]

Ready For Your Close-Up!

Nope, not kidding.   Over the past few months we have been discussing a company called MassageLuXe. I even took you all along on my road trip that ended up being a tour of MassageLuXe locations. Why? Well…because the places and locations were great to see, and the touristy stuff was a lot of fun, […]

Say Goodbuy to Stress with MassageLuXe in Willowbrook

Say Goodbuy to Stress with MassageLuXe in Willowbrook It was on to our next destination. It was seriously difficult leaving Missouri behind, especially the city of Osage Beach which will always be on my ‘top ten’ list for places to retire. So back in the car we went for a six hour drive, which seemed […]

Are You Attacking Your Prospect?

Are You Attacking Your Prospect? By Dan Caramanico Have you ever been in a conversation with a prospect when all of a sudden (or so it seems) they get defensive? Have you ever been cruising right along with a prospect then suddenly they clam up and become guarded about what they tell you? The chances […]

Strategies For Social Networks

  Capacity is all about the sheer volume of information. It is a measure of the amount that can be held or contained. It is the maximum productivity: the highest amount of output or productivity a company can create, and everyone – especially in this day and age – want their company to have the […]


WHEN SHOULD YOU DISCUSS MONEY ON A SALES CALL? By Dan Caramanico   This is always a touchy subject and there is always pushback when I suggest what you should do. In this article I will give you the answer right away; I will explain why you should do it; then I will explain why […]

Absolute ‘A-One’ Business Opportunity

The morning was clear and I completely ignored the weatherman who claimed that we were looking at ninety degree heat for the St. Louis area. Nope. It truly didn’t matter. Our family road trip was being imprinted into the family history book. All of the amazing memories that my daughter, my big furry dog, Reuben […]