Absolute ‘A-One’ Business Opportunity

The morning was clear and I completely ignored the weatherman who claimed that we were looking at ninety degree heat for the St. Louis area. Nope. It truly didn’t matter. Our family road trip was being imprinted into the family history book. All of the amazing memories that my daughter, my big furry dog, Reuben […]

Who Defines The Next Step In The Sales Process

Who Defines The Next Step In The Sales Process By Dan Caramanico   This article could be just one sentence – “Always know the next step in the sales process”. If you do always know the next step in the sales process then I guess you can stop reading. But wait! Let me ask you […]

The Age of Information Has Come to Life

  People have said it; journalists have remarked upon the social media phenomena  for the last decade – but what began as something of a hesitant ‘wait and see’ type gamble is now absolute reality. In fact, even though America is trying desperately to ‘get back to work,’ back to the car companies, back to […]

Look Out Here Come the Oakland A’s

Everyone is talking about it; the headlines that are all over the place across the World Wide Web when it comes to the sport of baseball focus on the fact that the Oakland A’s have shown the world that they can beat the almighty Yankees!   Yes…most fans say that the Yankees are what baseball […]

Massage Franchises Offer a Great Business Opportunity

MassageLuXe and FaceLuXe…these are names that you have been hearing quite a lot about over the past few months and the response has been outstanding. Not only do readers want one of these amazing franchises in their own backyard so THEY have the ability to be stress free and peaceful (and don’t we ALL need […]