The Green Minute – 5 Guidelines for Living Green in 2013

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and to help you “ring in” the new year, the Green Minute will feature 5 simple resolutions a day for the next 3 days from the Natural Resource Defense Council’s “Simple Steps” website. Here are today’s five resolutions: 1. Avoid Waste: Recycle – Cost: $0 For every trash can of […]

Staying Warm and Eco-Friendly This Winter

Today’s Green Minute comes from the energy company Georgia Power. This week, the company prepared its customers for the first real cold weather this winter, with a list of simple energy and money saving tips. Below is their list of 10 items you can use as a checklist. The Georgia Power “winter approaching” energy saving checklist: […]

EcoSystem In Balance = Sustainable Living

  We speak each and every week regarding the newest companies and projects that are focusing on ‘going green,’ as well as restoring, preserving and saving our world for the next generation to enjoy. In the mail today, however, the annual World Wildlife Federation ‘gift’ catalog arrived, which made me want to take a moment […]


  As early in the spring as possible, let’s say within a few days of the last possible frost, one should begin to plant as many kinds of lettuce and greens as possible. I usually throw in some seeds into close proximity to one another at 3-4 day intervals so that the greens are coming […]

The Green Minute – Water Usage in Bathrooms

Install Low-Flow Faucets Low-flow faucets and shower heads are available at nearly all hardware stores at very affordable prices. Remodeling your bathroom with an aerator-equipped faucet will give you the greatest energy savings. In the shower, a low-flow faucet can mean significant savings too. Traditional shower heads release approximately 5 gallons of water per minute, […]

Green Minute: How To Do An Energy Audit Right

The U.S. Department of Energy says every $1 invested in an energy improvement project can save up to $7 in energy costs over the lifetime of the improvement. It’s an important investment, and that is why the Alliance to Save Energy has provided a few helpful tips for homeowners seeking an energy audit. Choosing a Professional […]