Haul That Bruin

  Haul That Bruin   It’s no secret that whitetail deer are the most sought after creature on earth. However, growing in popularity both east and west of the Mississippi is the black bear. With black bear populations on the rise and tags, in many states, easy to get, more hunters are seeking after a […]

Designing the Perfect Brush Landscape

  Designing the Perfect Brush Landscape by Troutski There are many factors that land owners and wildlife managers take into account when it comes to optimizing their land for a better hunting season. They use crop development, and carefully laid out plans for crop planting in order to provide the most help they can to […]

What the Hunter Needs to Make Camp

  What the Hunter Needs to Make Camp  by Darren Randolf Essential, vital, indispensable, critical – whatever adjective you choose, when it comes to the hunter having a successful camping experience there are reasons for the extra gear they need.   The big items on everyone’s list – firearms, ammo, clothing, etc. – are only […]

To Bag the Trophy, Learn From the Runner-Up

  To Bag the Trophy, Learn From the Runner-Up  by ZZ Troutski Yes, the summer is sizzling and, yes, there is boredom in the hunting world. Although bushytails have been brought up as a way to have some extra added sport while waiting for the whitetail, elk, moose and all those popular game to come […]

The Whitetail Reigns Supreme

  The Whitetail Reigns Supreme by ZZ Troutki The most sought after game animal in North America remains the Whitetail Deer. This is no surprise, seeing as that this one animal has intrigued all groups for a long time, deer hunters and non.   When it comes to the relationship of whitetail and hunter, many […]

We’re fighting back!

    We’re fighting back!   Utah’s politicians, led by Governor Herbert, have launched the greatest attack against wilderness in our nation’s history.  They are trying to seize control of federal lands that belong to all of us – places such as Greater Canyonlands, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the San Rafael Swell. We […]

Marine Worms in St Augustine

  Marine Worms in St Augustine     By Trish Elliott   One of the many activities for the entire family in St. Augustine, FL, is to enjoy the 43 miles of pristine beaches.  Zach McKenna and his staff of naturalists and marine experts, of Ecotours of St. Augustine,  offer fascinating and detailed adventures to examine […]

The Fiddler Crab

                  The Fiddler Crab                   By Trish Elliott                                                              Zach McKenna, the […]

The Myths Versus the Facts About the Cottontail

  The Myths Versus the Facts About the Cottontail ZZ Troutski When it comes to hunting the rabbit, there are many debates out there among sportsman that include whether or not the creatures are even safe to eat during the summertime. There are also debates on where, exactly, one can find the best cottontail hunting […]

Game Sled Takes a Look at the Pronghorn

  Game Sled Takes a Look at the Pronghorn  ZZ Troutski The whitetail is consistently the number one choice for the hunter – being the most popular game animal across North America. However, the pronghorn is a species that’s highly interesting to the hunter because of their look, skill and prowess for outrunning predators.   […]