Family Dog Wrongfully Seized and Impounded in Orange County

by Denise Carey-Costa

Orange County Animal Care in Southern California has already established a negative reputation for its poor leadership, neglect of the animals in its care, and killing dogs even though they have empty kennels to house them in.SAVE lEELOO

Their latest scheme to kill even more innocent dogs involves the seizing of any animals who appear to have any wolf in their DNA makeup.

They tried this with a dog named Karma by holding her on death row for her alleged wolf content despite the fact that she was the descendant of seven generations of Siberian Huskies which was proven in court. Fortunately Karma was saved from death and allowed to go to a rescue.

Now Orange County is on the wolf hunt again, and this time the victim is a three year old German Shepherd/Husky mix named LeeLoo.

LeeLoo was rescued as a pup and to date has never had any incidents of aggression with anyone or any other animal. She gets along well with other dogs during visits to the dog park where she has earned the nickname “Princess of the Hill.” LeeLoo’s owner Kara Brundage describes her as a “big, playful, and often clumsy girl” who was raised side by side with Brundage’s son and never had any issues. LeeLoo enjoyed time with her family, going on hikes and family bike rides.

However, on June 7th, 2016 all of this changed for LeeLoo when she was out on a walk with Kara, her family and friends and their horse.

One of the children on the walk got a little too close to LeeLoo prompting her into play mode and she mouthed the child on the leg. There was no serious bite, no stitches, only what could be deemed as superficial wounds. The child’s mother had no desire to press charges

Although the incident did not meet the county or city criteria for a severe bite nor was the incident serious enough to get a dangerous dog designation, on June 10th 2016 two Orange County Animal Control officers and two police officers showed up at Leeloo’s home and took the dog into custody.

The dog is still imprisoned at Orange County Animal Care almost a month and a half later and Orange County has still not served the family with any type of notice as to why they are holding LeeLoo and why they seized her without any kind of warrant.

Jeremy Clover, LeeLoo’s other owner was told his dog would only be held for ten days based on the quarantine laws and there would be an investigation. Yet, still nothing has happened to justify LeeLoo’s imprisonment.

OC Animal Care has not released any written statements about a hearing or release for Leeloo.  The county states they will not do anything until their investigation is complete on LeeLoo’s DNA to determine if she has any wolf in her lineage.

On July 16th, 2016 Kara delivered a letter to the OC Animal Care requesting all California Public Records pertaining to LeeLoo’s investigation and all other investigations similar to LeeLoo’s with negative results.

The family has been to the shelter twice a week to drop off food for LeeLoo as she was raised on a raw chicken diet along with chewies and toys. But they were not allowed any contact with her. However they were able to drop the items off at the intake window. At first the staff was receptive to LeeLoo’s need for a raw diet then they changed it by giving her regular dog food which made her very ill. The vet on staff at the shelter was also concerned for LeeLoo’s health and welfare and how the change in diet was affecting her as well as the size of the cage the 100 pound dog was forced to stay in. She does not believe the environment is conducive to LeeLoo’s health.

LeeLoo has since been put back on her raw chicken diet delivered to the shelter daily by her family.  

It is totally corrupt, inhumane and unjust to hold this dog when she has not even had one hearing or any evidence proving her guilty of any wrongdoing. She is the victim of prejudice due to her appearance and the belief that she is in some way a wolf hybrid.

The family currently has an attorney to assist them with their case against Orange County Animal Care.

“We just want her out and safe. We want our dog home with her family but will do what we have to, to just get her safe and in a place that will care for her physical and mental needs, “says Brundage.

Unfortunately, LeeLoo’s case is not the first case to force OC Animal Care into the limelight.

The previous case involving Karma, the Siberian Husky gathered 360,000 signatures on her petition and caught worldwide attention.

Orange County Animal Care currently holds multiple complaints for neglect and abuse of the animals in their custody as well as a high kill rate.

There are 5 Grand Jury reports against Orange County Animal Care and a 24 page lawsuit to force OCAC to comply with the Hayden Act and with CA and Federal State Laws which they still do not comply with.

The first step to preventing further acts of cruelty and wrongful imprisonment from recurring at the shelter is to remove Jennifer Hawkins from her position as the Director of Orange County Animal Care. She has proven many times that she does not care for the animals in her charge.

Concerned citizens are also asking for the removal of Sgt. Juan Orozco who was accused of cutting a deer’s throat without anesthesia which due to public backlash was terminated. Yet, he was later reinstated.

Many Animal Control Offices across the country are becoming modern day Gestapos on a killing spree and seizing family pets for no reason. They need to be stopped.

Please help in the fight against Orange County Animal Care and get LeeLoo home to her family. Do not allow her to become another statistic in an evil game.

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