Final Chance to Stop Mandatory Vaccination in California


by Ernest Dempseyvaccine

With only 4 days to go, the final battle for stopping the tyrannical vaccination law of California State has entered its final stage. It’s up to the people of California now to stop the dictatorial law and all it takes them to do so is their signature on a petition.

SB277 was passed by the state senate and signed by Governor Jerry Brown this year. The law eliminates all but medical exemptions from vaccination for school-going children. Parents are no longer empowered to say no to vaccination by citing their personal knowledge or belief or any religious belief; they need approval or certification from a medical doctor to exempt their child from vaccination.

To fight this dictatorial law that has no scientific or ethical support, libertarian Tim Donnelly took the matter to the people of the state, who can vote against the law in a referendum that concludes September 28. If at least 365,880 signatures are collected by that date, the mandatory vaccination law would be blocked and people will win against a government that has been sold out to the vaccine industry and the corrupt pseudoscience of vaccination.

If you are a California resident, you can sign the petition against state-imposed vaccination at this link:

Updates on the referendum can be followed at

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Ernest Dempsey is a writer, editor, blogger, and journalist based in Orlando, FL. He runs a popular blog Word Matters! at and edits the journal and its blog Recovering the Self. Dempsey is a sceptic, vegetarian, and advocate for animal and human rights.