It’s Not Your “Grandma’s” Pumpkin Anymore


It’s Not Your “Grandma’s” Pumpkin Anymore

by Amy Lignor


As times move forward, technology expands. However, so does the imagination. No, I’m not talking about a new cell phone or animatronic device that creates pumpkins; I’m talking about some seriously cool ways to carve pumpkins that are popping up all over the internet. Unique, awesome, colorful – people across the U.S. have used their imaginations during the 21st century to create some of the most stunning pumpkins you will definitely want to place on your holiday table, or outside on the doorstep, so those tick-o’-treaters coming to your door will be downright amazed.

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Image: Hallmark


You’ve seen them on commercials; you use them every day on your computers and cellphones; and NOW you can make your pumpkins look just like them. Introducing, the Emoji Carved Pumpkins. Oh yes…they wink, they smirk, you can even make their eyes into little hearts and allow that candle inside the pumpkin to beam your love for the holiday all over town. (Check out the Bespoke Bride video at: It is super-cute!)


You will fall in love with this one when you see it. It also, unfortunately, will make you want to run to burger King ASAP. Fight that sudden craving, but run right out and get yourself a pumpkin in order to add this decoration to the house. Called the Original Hamburger Pumpkin, this is nothing short of delicious-looking. (


While doing this research, the Diorama Carved Pumpkin appeared on the “best of the best” list. You can use real pumpkins or even plastic pumpkins and props. Either way, these are some of the coolest pumpkin ideas you’ll ever see. And if you choose to go with plastic, just think…you’ll be able to store them and re-use them year after ‘scary’ year. (Check them out at:


Now THIS one is not only chic, but it also comes in handy. Just think about opening that door to the witch or the warlock standing outside and handing out your candy from the Candy Jar Carved Pumpkin. This one is pure style, folks. (


Something beautiful on the scariest of all evenings? Easy to do when you decide to carve this Starry Night Pumpkin. Vintage, classic – all you need are some carving skills and you will be taking and posting pics of this one all night long. (


Head to the beloved and famous Hallmark, because the company that always has the perfect card for every occasion also has some of the perfect ideas for pumpkin carving. The very best idea discovered during all this research is Hallmark’s Carriage Pumpkin. Using paint, glitter, candy, as well as a big pumpkin so that Cinderella is comfortable while she heads to the ball, your kids will be enthralled with this one. Another on their list of ideas comes in the form of a “Gruesome Twosome.” This is a mummy bride and groom that with some cute little props, you can create a couple who stays together until they…well, rot. All I can say about these unique pumpkins is: “All Hail, Hallmark!” Cards are not the only things these people do really, really well. (


Want a creepy forest to decorate the lawn? Then sit down and carve the Scary Forest Pumpkin from HGTV. If you’re really a master chef and own those carving skills, make it even more elite with a few forest creatures running through the scene. (


And if you don’t happen to own carving skills, like me, who can barely cut a straight line, there is a pumpkin project for you that both you and your kids would absolutely love to add to your Halloween decorations. “How to Make Black Cat Pumpkins” at…/handmade/how-to-make-black-cat-pumpkins gives you complete information and directions on how to create kitty cats without having to carve a single thing. The perfect arts and crafts project, all you need is some black exterior paint, markers, glue, construction paper – all the little things that you already most likely have sitting around the house. All you need is the pumpkin!


We all know without pumpkins, Halloween just isn’t Halloween. So head to these sites (or research more, because there are a whole bunch of ideas out there) and light up the night. You’ll have those eerie ghosts and goblins cracking a smile at the enchanted spectacle you make!



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