Stay Connected Wherever you Fish with New Mazu Sport Fishing App


Stay Connected Wherever you Fish with New Mazu Sport Fishing App

By Craig Lamb

Until now, blue water anglers needed expensive satellite devices and costly subscriptions to stay connected when venturing outside the shoreline communication grid.

The new mazu Sport Fishing app bridges the communication gap between offshore and mainland connectivity. The app is part of a system available from Mazu-Marine that is affordable, easy to install and simple to use. Best of all the app and services are geared to meeting the needs of offshore anglers.

The mazu app and mSERIES system connects you and everyone else aboard your offshore sportfisher to a wide variety of communications, navigation, safety and fishing functions.

You get peace of mind and a real world, global coverage with these features.

Know help is on the way

While EPIRBs are important and boats traveling offshore should have them. Once you trigger an EPIRB signal you don’t know when and where, emergency responders will come to your aid. mazu has SOS—24/7, 365 SAR with two fingers pressed on a keyboard. You then receive a reply notification from a global rescue operation center acknowledging your emergency. You can reply back with critical needs and more information to give rescuers more information about the emergency and they can communicate what rescue operations to expect.

Weather at your fingertips anywhere 

Always know the weather and plan ahead to avoid severe weather. Access seven-day forecasts showing wind and wave heights during your voyage. You can subscribe to and receive NOAA weather alerts, and download and view precipitation imagery through NEXRAD. You can also access live buoy data and receive tropical weather advisories and updates.

Email and texts onboard while offshore

Communication is as close as it gets to being on the mainland. Sending email and text messages from anywhere in the world, and off the grid, is easy to do. The system can also send automatic emails reporting your position to friends and family.

Where am I?

Knowing where you are now, where you are going and arrival times is easy to do with the navigation functions. Use on-screen tracking with nautical charts. Plot and edit routes, modify waypoints and activate waypoint alarms and view it all in real time on the dashboard. Connect NMEA 2000 compatible devices to show more information on the mazu iPad app.

Eyes and ears away from the boat

Do more with the mazu system with the upgraded, add-on Sentry feature. You can monitor boat functions anywhere in the world, even when you aren’t aboard the boat. You can set parameters and receive real-time information for convenience and peace of mind. Bilge activation and high water alarms, door and entry alerts, anchor watch and perimeter alarms are just some of the available features.

More hookups, tags, and flags

Savvy captains rely on Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll imagery to find tournament-winning, client-pleasing connections with pelagics and especially billfish.

You get access to the better of both worlds with SST and Chlorophyll features of the Sport Fishing app. You are literally missing the boat if depending on past success in areas or hearsay back at the marina.

The features remove the guesswork by eliminating vast, unproductive areas so you can find fish in the warmer waters preferred by billfish and tuna. On the flip side, you can find the lowest temperature that holds offshore gamefish for late season trips. Temperature breaks are easy to find, and the satellite data gets updated twice daily.

Finding phytoplankton blooms helps hone in on areas with a stacked food chain attractive to bait and billfish. The Chlorophyll feature allows you to find all. You can quickly overlay chlorophyll charts and easily see water clarity to find the best areas, and best of all, eliminate unproductive water.


Keep it private

FleetChat allows private two-way communication between specific users of the mSeries system and Sport Fishing app who you may be fishing with.  That comes in handy if you don’t want to reveal your catch or tournament strategies using public marine SSB or VHF radio. You can join and manage private chats, send locations to other users on a map, and customize who can see your position.

Click here for more details about the features.

How it works

Get started by downloading the mazu Sport Fishing app from the Apple App Store. ($129) Convenient connection plans like the $99 monthly plan include 10-point forecasts, up to 100 SMS/FleetChat messages, 100 position reports, the SAR service and 50,000 additional bytes of data.

You also will need the hardware that includes the ISI-2000 module, illuminated keypad and Smart Antenna. Cost is $995 and includes all the equipment you need to set up your mazu satellite system.  Designed for easy do-it-yourself installation, great for all types of boats.

At the heart of the system is the mazu iPad app, which can be used via cellular and WiFi while on land and then wirelessly connects to satellites onboard. Once underway the onboard system can be accessed using any device with a browser including Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as PCs and MACs.

Click here to view the components and features of the mSeries System.

Visit to find out more, connect with mazu and see all of the products, subscription plans, and services. Download the iPad app at the App Store or come see us at FLIBS Nov 1-5 at the sailfish pavilion convention center booth 4176.


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