A Brokerage Firm Dedicated to the Land & Devoted to the Client


Republic Ranches:

A Brokerage Firm Dedicated to the Land & Devoted to the Client


Large tracts of land perfect for the outdoor pursuits whether rattling deer in the brush country, calling ducks on the prairie, casting Printtop waters for bass on an East Texas lake or working cattle in the big country – ranches, farms, and rural settings that are found across all the eco-regions of  the Lone Star State and Oklahoma. These are the locations; these are the listings that rest in the hands of Republic Ranches. And both buyers and sellers of these unforgettable properties count on this company and their hardworking crew to make sure their needs are met.


Whether looking for recreational or working properties, Texas and Oklahoma are the two states where people journey to enjoy and endeavor the rural life.   And when it comes to finding the absolute best fit, one of the most respected companies to assist in making sure you are matched with the property that best meets your needs in an efficient, quick and profitable way is, Republic Ranches, LLC.


Operating statewide in both Texas and Oklahoma, with five branch offices, Republic Ranches is a reputable, dedicated firm that takes pride in representing buyers and sellers. The offices, located in Austin, Dallas, Hondo, Houston, and San Antonio, provide the hardworking hands and minds of the Republic Ranches team. Owned and operated by Jeff Boswell in Houston, Bryan Pickens in Dallas, Mark Matthews in Hondo, and Charles Davidson in San Antonio, along with the firm’s associates; the Republic Ranches team strives to never let the client down – utilizing their wealth of knowledge to link people with that perfect property.


When it comes to buying and selling land, it is the marketing plan that brings bidders to the forefront, and the aggressive marketing used by Republic Ranches includes everything from electronic and print mediums, to road signage, to networking. This firm lake-gazebounderstands the power of networking, both through real estate industry associations, as well as through participation in other ranching and wildlife associations. Their network of contacts are an extra benefit for all who wish to buy and sell. With banner advertising on the ‘Lands of Texas’ website to marketing and advertising in ‘The Land Report’, social media has also been mastered by this firm in order for their customers to achieve their goals.


The Republic Ranches team includes unmatched expertise and hands on experience in numerous areas that provide benefits to their clients.  These areas include wildlife and habitat management; conservation initiatives; ranching, hunting, farming and timber operations; fisheries management, water enhancements and issues, legal issues impacting both buyers and sellers, oil & gas implications, market knowledge, etc.


So whether the life of the cowboy appeals, or it’s the perfect hunting ranch you are searching for, Republic Ranches is the firm that will meet every requirement (and more), that clients are looking for.


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