A Dynasty Set to be Born?


A Dynasty Set to be Born?

 ~ Amy Lignor

Rain falling. Crowd screaming. Seattle Seahawks coming out to make sure that they were starting their dynasty. They would do anything to be part of the very short list of teams that became back-to-back Super Bowl winners. Not to mention, they have the best defense in the NFL, thanks to Richard Sherman (supposedly), as well as a young QB who knows exactly what he’s doing. Yes, they are up against the best green-bay-packers-seattle-seahawks-betting-trends-stats-sportsbook.pics_QB in the biz, but a defense that is substandard and a team that already lost in Seattle the very first game of the season. Done deal, right?


The sun shone about two seconds before kickoff and did come out once or twice briefly during the challenge. But when the FOX team said we’re ready to go, the winds became rough and the NFC Championship backdrop became REALLY loud and REALLY windy.


There was a lot of ridiculousness before this game. You had Richard Sherman yapping about how wonderful he and everyone else is. In addition, Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle running back that absolutely everyone loves – received a fierce warning that if he had the nerve to wear his custom pair of golden cleats for the game that he would be fined and would be ejected from the actual NFC Championship.


Richard Sherman came under severe pain during the 4th quarter; fans and watchers at home saw him on the sidelines cradling his hand and arm, but begging to be put back on the field. Lynch did wear his golden cleats and remained in the game. And Wilson, playing horribly the entire game, seemed to come alive when it mattered the most. Aaron Rodgers (best QB in the biz) seemed to go to sleep. Too bad it was when he actually needed a comeback.


So what happened, exactly? Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were literally handed the game by Seattle in the first quarter. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers and company did NOT capitalize on any of the wonderful mistakes Seattle kept on making. Instead, they simply put up three points over and over – with one TD occurring (FINALLY). The Seahawks were a mess. But the one thing everyone could see at home and in that stadium was the amount of true passion for the game that was running through their veins.


No matter what occurred, Seattle would not give up. Wilson came around and threw a pass to Lynch in the 4th quarter getting them close enough that Russell Wilson kept the ball and got his own rushing TD, as if trying to redeem the bad work he had done thus far. There were barely two minutes left on the clock when he got that TD, and his team was suddenly back in the game enough to perhaps come out winners. THEN, an onside kick went into the hands of a Seahawk because the Packer player seemed confused. Perhaps he, like Rodgers, had decided the game was over and basically they didn’t have to do anything anymore. Another TD was created from that…and then a two-point conversion, where the Packers just LET Seattle run around and around as if waiting for Wilson to find someone. He did.


Rodgers turned his ankle; his calf is torn. But honestly that was no excuse. In the first quarter of play he and his team could have gotten TDs galore, but seemed to just give up without really trying. They actually showed that if they DID go to the Super Bowl that they would bring about the most boring game in history, where only the halftime show and the commercials would be remotely interesting. However, the Packers DO have a kicker – Mason Crosby is his name, and the Packers and Rodgers should thank that man profusely. Without him they would have lost in regulation and been even more embarrassed after the high school football performance they put on in the second half.


So is there a “Seattle” dynasty coming? Did they deserve to win that game? As a person who dislikes the Seahawks profusely, I am hurt to say it…but…YES, they did deserve to win the game.


To have a tie and head into OT makes the Packers look as if they didn’t care one iota if they went to the big game this year. (Makes you wonder what the Dallas Cowboys would have brought to the scene, doesn’t it? I bet Romo is wondering, too.)


Congrats to the NFC Champions – Seattle Seahawks.

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