A Rookie Proves the “Slam Dunk” Stage is Necessary

A Rookie Proves the “Slam Dunk” Stage is Necessary

~ Amy Lignor

The annual “Slam Dunk” contest was once something everyone talked about; something they wanted to see, where their beloved NBA stars would gather to show their style and grace. Then…it became one of these ‘negatives’ in the basketball community, where the slam dunk contest could actually be bad for an all-star career if they happened to have a bad day. Well…after witnessing the contest and watching Zach LaVine make a serious name for himself on that stage, the stars have got to be rethinking their reasons for staying away. Although the contest didn’t have the celebrity/basketball star power it used to, LaVine made sure to produce gasps of wonder and thunderous applause at the talent he turned on.


Talk about an aerial display, LaVine was right up there (no pun intended) with the Blue Angels. Zach made sure to get out the word to those stars who now shrink away from the contest that the “Slam Dunk” is a must-have for both fans and…any man who wishes to come out of the shadows and place their own NBA career in the bright lights.


This was not your standard; run, jump, dunk. LaVine would have made the Harlem Globetrotters proud with his underhand skill, soaring through the air with the greatest of ease, and hitting that rim with shots that seemed as if they had to be staged because they were too cool to be true.


For those who didn’t know him before this, Zachary LaVine was actually honored by his state of Washington as being the top high school basketball player in the state. He went on to the UCLA Bruins, and then entered the NBA as one of the top freshman in the Pacific-12 conference. Currently playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was selected in the first round of the 2014 NBA draft – and now, he’s got bank with the incredible shots he fired.


When it comes to all professional sports, there are celebrities who make a lasting impression because of a skill or talent they own that is far better than their peers. For Zach, scoring a perfect score in the opening round, his impression came in the form of a through-the-legs, one-handed reverse slam. Clothed in a No. 23 Jordan jersey, Zach titled this move as the “Space Jam” dunk.


But then he went on to amaze even more. Tossing the ball up, Zach pulled it behind his back while in the air and threw a one-handed slam down that had the power and force of a Serena Williams’ serve. And the judges – some major names, such as, Julius Erving, Walt Frazier, Nate Archibald, and more – smiled wide, and applauded in appreciation of what the young man was doing. Not only was he reviving a contest/event that should never be let go by the NBA, but he was proving that basketball can be a scintillating, astounding game including feats of complete improbability. Much like Jordan, himself when he proved one man could somehow jump half a court, sail through the air without the help of Superman’s cape, and dunk with a smile.


These first two dunks by Zach brought about the “WOW” factor, and everyone watching knew that no one – unless Jordan decided to come out on the court and turn back time – was going to beat this kid.


Zach stated: “I just wanted to put a jolt through the crowd and get everybody off their feet.”


Mission accomplished.



LaVine was absolutely adorable in the way he was starstruck when hoisting a trophy that others – his own idols – have hoisted in the past. And that made this Timberwolves rookie even more powerful in fans eyes than ever before. In other words, never take the contest away. This is a spot – a true stage that could raise a career and a player into the spotlight. Exactly where they belong!


Congrats Zach. We’ll certainly be seeing a heck of a lot more of you in the years to come!


Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle

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