AFC + Brady + Cool: These Are the ABC’s of Professional Football

AFC + Brady + Cool: These Are the ABC’s of Professional Football

~ Amy Lignor


When you think he’s done – ready to throw him out to pasture and call him a man who should retire before he embarrasses himself – Tom Brady comes out and proves that he can and will show you the highway out of Foxborough. Did the Baltimore Ravens do well? Heck yeah, they did. And if weren’t for Brady, who literally showed after Game 2 of the regular season that he was on a mission to tell everyone to go to…heck, the Ravens most likely would be headed to the AFC Championship right now. Unfortunately for them, Brady is on a mission. And no offense all you experts out there, the more you gush over Seattle (even by not ever mentioning that they won their game against one of the worst teams and divisions in the NFL), the more people are begging for the Patriots to be the ‘poster children’ for USA football this year.


There is one thing that Baltimore seemed to have in common with the Seahawks, however; the ridiculous unsportsmanlike conduct moments that had the officials throwing their flags every five minutes. Even a coach walking out on the field screaming? Come on! Again, if you wish to play the game of football like you are on the high school lawns – then go BACK to high school. And being upset about eligible players and yelling about the Patriots’ substitution patterns…give it a rest! It’s called good coaching and, by the way, it worked. As Brady said afterward, brush up on the NFL rulebook, and stop whining. B the way, if Harbaugh had been smart enough to do it, there would be no issue right now.


Belichick and Brady pulled the oddest things out from their bag of tricks – most especially allowing someone ELSE to throw a TD that made the Ravens look more than a bit confused. And what was the follow-up by the so-called experts after this game? “Patriots should be worried because they had to battle back.” Duh! I don’t know if these experts, who most certainly aren’t old enough to have even been to the original Ice Bowl that they yapped about so much over the weekend when speaking about Green Bay and Dallas, understand the fact that fans WANT to see a comeback. They want the rush of adrenaline. They want that old boy QB to come out and make a stand proving, yet again, that his talent and the incredible talent of his offensive line is far cooler to watch then a bunch of kids who wish to swear and get flags thrown every five minutes.


And now…the biggest shocker of the season. Everyone pretty much believed going into this weekend that the ‘old would meet the old QB’ in the championship game? The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning are unbeatable, remember? Manning is a god; he is the best of the best; best, he’s…oh, yeah. NOT going to the AFC Championship game. Upside is that we will not have to sit through another snorefest of a Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seattle. Wouldn’t it be great to have one with Brady meeting Rodgers? Yes, it would, frankly. A real game with real teams who know how to play.


Anyway…when it came to Manning versus Andrew Luck, it was a game of complete X-Files fun. The old Indy QB versus the new Indy QB. Luck is a find, thankfully for the Colts, considering that they basically put the entire game on his shoulders every time they hit the field. All we heard about up until this game was how old Manning was and that he just couldn’t do it anymore. What we also heard was that the Broncos have other outlets that DO take the weight off of Manning’s hurt neck – and he chooses to use those weapons, while also slapping the other team across the head every once in a while by reminding them that he has the arm and has broken all the records because he is THAT good. Odd part was, all these weapons and the QB second only to Montana in some peoples’ eyes, left the building. Fans were actually booing in regards to Manning’s game. Give Indy credit, they did what no one expected they would do. Will they now be able to beat Brady and have a fairytale season? Nope.


The AFC Championship game will be taken by what some have called an ‘old coot’. The way it looks, Brady is out for blood. Luck may want it, but Brady has the fire in his eyes and Foxborough under his feet. In other words, unless something truly diabolical happens – the AFC fans are looking at a very cool game where the Patriots fire their historical guns in the air and head to Arizona for a match-up that, hopefully, will NOT include the Seahawks.


The AFC Championship Game will be one heck of a shootout!

Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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