Aliens are invading…NOT the illegal ones!


Aliens are invading…NOT the illegal ones!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!


I don’t know about you folks, but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of news about space, planets, distance universes. Things we never knew about our solar system and other universes and it seems a little odd or is it?


We’re hearing that Jupiter that was thrown out of the solar system is now kind of back in because maybe it’s bigger than we thought. Also, that Jupiter may have a little baby Jupiters. I also read that the solar system might be dying off, and we only have a few trillion years left to live.

Is this recent surge of intergalactic an outer galactic attention because the space program has a new PR person or are they preparing us for something?


I remember when I was a kid back in the 70s there were a lot of programs about UFO’s and Aliens, not the illegal ones. Leonard Nimoy had a show on UFO’s. We had tales of the UFO, Area 50 whatever. Plus, science-fiction films like Star Wars, ET, Battle Star Galactica. But now it’s all different, now it’s factual.


Maybe they’re preparing us for that ultimate day when the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast really happens. They’re preparing us for the aliens that are about to land on earth and take us over. Or maybe the fact is they have already been here for a long time, and they are living in every city, town and state of this country. I think you know the people I am talking about, POLITICIANS!


Think about it; the capital in DC is really just a spaceship, and if you have seen it lately it’s being redone. Maybe these aliens (politicians), are getting ready to collect all their politicians and blast off with their capital ship. Boy how I wish that were true. That would truly go down in history as our Independence Day.


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