All Hail the NFL


All Hail the NFL

by Amy Lignor


Yes, the pre-season has people already debating and predicting who will be the next big winners of the Lombardi trophy. It is on the evening of Monday, September 7th, that the “real” games kick-off, with the Chiefs heading to the NFL Season, preseason, Lombardi trophy, predictions, Tom Brady, NFC, AFC, Championship game, Championship Patriots home turf. This game should give fans a powerful match-up between two high-powered offenses to begin what (hopefully) will be a stellar, exciting season. In addition, fans will immediately see if the Chiefs elite of Alex Smith, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill can keep up with Tom Brady and the reigning Super Bowl champs. If not, there will already be a lot of grousing when it comes to those millions who do not want to see Brady take it all…again.

With the NFL regular season comes the “experts” out of the woodwork to tell you exactly how all of this is going to go down. What may upset fans is the fact that most everyone’s lists of what will happen look just like last year’s lists did at this time. Are the “experts” playing it safe? Or do they really believe, after the training camp footage and preseason match-ups that hardly any team has changed one iota? It’s important to keep in mind that you cannot predict suspensions, arrests of players who decide to do something stupid one night, and the biggest factor of all – injuries. So without having that gift of ESP, here’s what the majority of predictions look like as we head into yet another NFL season.


For the NFC East, it is predicted by almost everyone that Jerry Jones will be proud as the Dallas Cowboys win their division. The Cowboys certainly have their problems when it comes to the offense having to break in two new offensive linemen, but four out of five November games will be played at home, which will be the perfect time to move into first place and fight to stay there.


Not a big surprise, but for the NFC North, it is the Green Bay Packers seeing the number one spot. Their first game will be difficult, as they meet up with a still very angry Seattle Seahawks team. But no one is stating that Green Bay will not be able to pull it out when all is said and done.


For the NFC South, it is the Atlanta Falcons who are getting the nod. Yes, they may have that Super Bowl loss hangover, but they will also be granted adrenaline from opening their new stadium. Brady killed the passion of other teams he beat in the “big game.” We’ll have to wait and see if the Falcons will turn out to be those comeback kids NFL fans love.


And in the NFC West, it is the Seahawks who are being predicted to be on top when the regular season comes to a close. The only thing they will have to overcome is one seriously tough, non-divisional road schedule. Unfortunately for the Seahawks those non-divisional teams are a heck of a lot harder to beat than the 49ers.


Turning to the AFC, it is difficult for some to hear, but Brady and the Pats get the thumbs-up for winning their division again. The strongest prediction, however, is that they will win it with a record of 16-0 – not one mistake made: not one loss seen. Can this be true? Ask Brady. He’ll tell you it is.


The AFC North is predicted to go to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why is that? Because Pittsburgh’s biggest challenges will happen on their own home turf.


The Tennessee Titans are forecasted to win the AFC South. In fact, this is the one division where the closest team to being a challenge comes in the form of the Houston Texans, with the experts giving Houston a top record of only 8-8, even if they work their behinds off.


Last, but not least, is the AFC West. Here, it is the Oakland Raiders that will supposedly take it all. The biggest challenge (and what will most likely be the most boring game of the season) will occur against the Patriots…in Mexico City.


In their final breath, the experts are saying that the NFC Championship Game will be a great one between the Packers and the Falcons. Whereas the AFC will come down to the Patriots versus the Raiders. So…who wins Super Bowl LII? Don’t shoot the messenger, but forecasters are already stating that, yes, Brady will win that sixth Super Bowl ring and go down in history as being the “best” QB ever.


This fan’s prediction? Brady was extremely mad last year. He had a fight to fight; he had a battle to win; he had a day he craved where he could stare at the “ruler” of the NFL and smile wide. He did just that. This year? There is another with that amount of determination within who will lead his team to victory. Guess who it is…


Source:  Baret News


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