American Fisheries Policy Needs Your Help


American Fisheries Policy Needs Your Help

By Capt. Ted Lund


The Center for Sportfishing Policy is asking anglers nationwide to get involved and urge their Senators to support the Modern Fish Act via emails and social media.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the Modern Fish Act (H.R. 200) in July of this year. The US Senate is now considering its version (S. 1520) of the legislation that is intended to allow for recreational fisheries to be managed using more appropriate management tools; modify the annual catch limit requirement to allow for more adaptive approaches; require managers in the southeastern U.S. to perform long-overdue examinations of fishery allocations, based on modern criteria; review catch share programs and provide recommendations to avoid negative impacts to anglers and fishing communities; and promote consideration of new data collection methods that could improve fisheries management and conservation.

The Environmental Defense Fund released a study in response to the Modern Fish Act that supports the idea of privatizing America’s public marine resources — through catch shares and other restrictive actions — something the MFA is purpose-built to prevent.

In response, the Center for Sport Fishing Policy created a series of videos to combat the EDF’s message and spread the word about American’s right to fish and utilize public marine resources. You can download the first video here:

In addition to asking your Senators to support the MFA, what else can you do? The CSP encourages individuals to take to social media to spread the word, including a link to an email form that will send your message directly to your U.S. Senator.

When making social media posts, be sure to include this text: Every American deserves access to America’s public resources. We do not support picking winners and losers in recreational fisheries. Real solutions to fed management woes can be found in the #ModernFish Act. Urge your Senators to vote YES.


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