An Endangered Species that May Not be Saved


An Endangered Species that May Not be Saved

~ Samantha Lewis

We talk about green “news.” We talk about unity and striving to come together in order to build a better life for the generations coming up behind. We replace, rejuvenate and rehabilitate when it comes to everything from habitats to cities and towns across the globe. We even have brought back endangered species, increasing wildlife numbers by placing them in various locales so that they can come back from the brink of being erased for all time. But there is one thing that we cannot bring back. No amount of unity or efforts is going to be able to bring back these things that are now destroyed. In fact, only the wand of Harry Potter could make it so. And these things are basically our heritage, memories, lives, and history.

Destruction of Mickiewicz Monument by Nazi Germany, August 17, 1940

Destruction of Mickiewicz Monument by Nazi Germany, August 17, 1940


Yes, there are madmen out there that need to be stopped. But it’s not only the destruction of life, which is horrifying in itself, but now they are taking tools and hammers and chisels in hand in order to destroy countless works of art, statues, and artifacts from history that will never, ever be replaced.


Colossal statues at Nimrud are now gone. These are statues that have been on this earth for over three thousand years. These winged statues are from Mesopotamia – the Cradle of Civilization – and now these relics are nothing but destroyed rock debris because of bulldozers being driven by the soulless.


History is a must – for any country or people. It is the place we all come from; it’s the magic and industry that shows who we download (2)are, where we began and how we grew. Did you know that out of seven Ancient Wonders in this world only one remains in 2015? Wars and Mother Nature took the rest. Of course, the rest have become nothing more than tales, pictures, perhaps even hopes with a little fairytale mixed in because certainly no one who walks the earth now was alive back then. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids that are familiar sites worldwide and…they are all that’s left of the ones written about. If they were to be destroyed, they will never return.

The Roman Coliseum could hold between 50,000 and 80,000 visitors. From the mighty gladiators doing battle to theatrical pursuits that brought people in by the thousands, the Coliseum was (and is) a location that must remain. It stands for a history that is gone now, but it is a relic that continues to shine because of the majesty and mystery surrounding it. It, as well as the Pyramid, has sustained damage over time. But if the locations could talk, they would be able to speak of earthquakes, fires, and battles between nations, countries, and people that should never have been fought. The Coliseum is that icon that stands for Imperial Rome; a time that will never be recaptured.


When it comes to the Mayan nation, Chichen Itza was one of the largest cities they called their own. Now, in 2015, people can walk amongst the ruins and be a part of a world that no longer exists. They can learn, educate themselves, and thrill at this true treasure of the world. A one-of-a-kind locale that supported one of the most diverse populations in the entire Mayan world.


download (1)The Taj Mahal was commissioned far back in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This stunning building still stands on the southern bank of the Yamuna River, and is recognized all over the world as the “The Jewel” that literally remains a link to India’s rich and long history that should never be forgotten.

Structures that have survived so many years, so many wars, so many people doing the worst they could to others over everything from politics to religious differences. These are not only architectural beauties, they offer up the education we need to remember the past in order to fix the future.


And far later than the rest, the United States and all that came to be here is basically new in comparison. But it is a strong past. It is a familiar past of a determined people. And no matter what, our iconic symbol will remain that lady who stands with her torch held high in the sky lighting the way. She talks of liberty, peace, and justice – which is exactly what everyone should believe in and understand.


We cannot replace what’s being destroyed. Our generation, perhaps even our species will be erased one day. And only our treasured statues, artifacts – the things that literally tell our story as a people are being destroyed…


Think about that.



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