Are Earthquakes Coming to All Towns?


Are Earthquakes Coming to All Towns?

by Amy Lignor

This past week alone has seen the headlines of every newspaper change. Trump and Clinton are still being yapped about, of course, but the powerful earthquakes that have occurred have shaken the ground beneath everyone far more than the political fiasco going on.

earthquakes, Italy, United States, man-made, volcanos, Myanmar, South Atlantic, triggers, patternsThe powerful earthquake in Italy killed more than 150 people and basically shattered a town, setting off tremors that actually woke people up in Rome, nearly 100 miles away.

In Myanmar, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake left four dead and historical temples badly damaged.

In the South Atlantic, a major earthquake that read 7.3 on the Richter scale was reported in the Atlantic Ocean, just southeast of Argentina.

And although not as powerful, closer to home New Mexico reported a quake that rumbled on the line of New Mexico and Colorado this past week.

Some will remember that earlier this summer, at the Alaska Earthquake Center, scientists started to monitor what they referred to as a “swarm” of small earthquakes in an area located approximately eight miles west of Mt. Spurr. However, according to State Seismologist Dr. Michael West, these particular seismic events (with almost 100 exceeding a magnitude of 2) were not actually earthquakes at all. After working with the Alaska Volcano Observatory, largely ruling out volcanic activity to be the source of the quakes, glaciers and glacial activity was seen as the cause.

But the headlines continue to jar the minds of all people around the globe. Yes, there are earthquakes and, yes, volcanos are known to come “alive” after lying dormant to bring about an explosion of ash and lava. But…this is where a bit of data is needed before heading into the mindset of believing that Earth is on the verge of extinction.

According to the USGS – United States Geological Society – it was back in June of 2016 that they released a report focusing on America. They stated that the ground east of the Rockies was far more likely to shake this year with damaging, though not deadly earthquakes. Why is that? Not because of some biblical belief, but because they will be the by-product of the man-made process of drilling into the ground for energy/oil. Parts of Oklahoma now actually match northern California for being the nation’s most “shaky” areas, with one north-central Oklahoma region rating a 1 in 8 chance of experiencing a damaging quake by the end of 2016.

Over seven million Americans live in areas where the risk for earthquakes has dramatically jumped because of the disposal of wastewater. Those states are: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and Arkansas.

The only rise in natural earthquake risk is around the New Madrid fault in Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Illinois. Although this particular rise remains a mystery, it is higher than it’s been in several years.

Taking away this natural category, scientists have stated that induced quakes are to blame, but until the oil and gas industry find another way to dispose of wastewater instead of injecting it deep underground, these quakes will not stop; they will rise in number, size and scale.

When it comes to the illusion of global extinction, it must be noted and understood that experts in this field say they do not see any global increase in moderate and large quakes that cause harm or damage. It may “seem” because of all the headlines that there has been a ton of big quakes which is a sharp increase, but that simply isn’t true. And when it comes to one earthquake triggering another, less than three percent of quakes have any measurable effect in a given spot (USGS geophysicist Tom Parsons stated); and of that small percentage, any quakes that might have been triggered by others have not caused serious damage.

In other words, even though there is a rise in seismic activity when it comes to drilling areas, the actual belief that all towns will be visited by a tragic, horrific earthquake is not a fact. Fear simply causes more fear, so believing that Earth is “breaking apart at the seams” is not good for anyone.

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