Ashley Madison, we must exorcise the demon!

Ashley Madison, we must exorcise the demon!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go! 

Boy, folk just don’t trust each other anymore and politicians and the media, LESS!

Could it be because we have websites like Ashley Madison?

Now if you don’t know what that is, you most likely have a girlfriend or a wife that is damn glad you don’t know of it.

See, It’s that site that was hacked into, the one that allows folks to cheat on their mate.

Now let me be clear, ANYTHING I say here today will start with this disclaimer: I don’t believe in this, and I am against it. I think if you’re in a relationship that makes you want to do this, you should leave and help bring down the wife to husband murder rate.

I have heard stories of men having the newspapers and radios stations calling because they want the scoop, only to ruin their marriages. Way to go media, bottom feeders!

I am not sure why the real scandal and uproar is not with the folks that created this horrible service; Ashley Madison. Here we are in a time in our world where everything is in question, The Moral Decay of the Family Unit is partially based on overuse of smart phones, social media and websites that allow you to sit in the comfort of your own home and cheat. Cheat the system, your relationship, the government. Why aren’t we shutting down these types of sites?

I don’t mean to sound like a Sunday morning evangelist, BE HEALED! But we need to exercise the demons.

By the way .. sorry to be so heavy handed on us guys.
But I searched Google, up and down and could not find a SINGLE woman, I mean a married, single woman, you get it that was busted using this site to cheat.

This either means: woman don’t cheat, OR woman are smart enough not to get caught. Why is it that men are the ones that shoot places up, Cheat on their significant others, cheat on their taxes and over all tell woman what to do .. (Government)
WHY IS IT … #BeCauseWereGuys


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Ashley Madison, we must exorcise the demon! Daily Scream!

Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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