Be Ready with Malin Ready-Made Shark Rigs


Be Ready with Malin Ready-Made Shark Rigs

By Ted Lund

Malin, the world leader in wire solutions for anglers targeting toothy critters, just made the shark fishing game a whole lot easier with the introduction of their new Heavy Duty Shark Rigs.

Each shark rig is made with 49-strand nylon-coated stainless steel cable and tipped with a 400 series stainless steel hook. Connections to the hook and high-strength swivel are made with copper crimps covered in chaff and heat shrink tubing making them the most durable on the market. Anglers have their choice of natural or coffee colors.

Malin offers two styles of premade shark leaders. The Small Shark Rig is designed for blacktip, bonnethead and other smaller species of sharks and is available in 5- and 8-foot lengths in 80-, 160- and 270-pound breaking strengths. Each leader is armed with a 6/0, 7/0 and 9/0 hook, respectively.

For larger sharks like tigers, bulls, mako, and hammerheads, anglers can upgrade to the Heavy Duty Series, available in 6- and 12-foot lengths, the professional shark rigs are made using the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of catching all kinds of sharks. In addition to the various lengths, the rigs are available in 250-, 400- and 1,000-pound breaking strengths with 9/0, 10/0 and 11/0 hooks.

Be Ready with Malin Ready-Made Shark Rigs

The high-quality, stainless steel hooks are intended to help reduce mortality on sharks that are released; the hooks will corrode and rust out of the fish’s mouth if anglers cut the leader prior to release.

As a general rule, the shorter length leaders can be cast from shorelines, docks or piers for smaller sharks. The longer lengths are better suited for larger sharks, particularly when targeted from boats.

In addition to targeting a wide variety of sharks, the leaders are perfect for catch-and-release fishing targeting giant Goliath grouper helping prevent the fish from breaking off in structure.

Since 1884, the Malin Company has been known among outdoorsman for its high-quality stainless steel hardwire leader material for those targeting toothy species like bluefish, king mackerel, wahoo and more.

For more information, or to learn more about the entire Malin family of products or order Malin’s Small and Heavy Duty Shark Rigs, visit To order Malin’s Small and Heavy Duty Shark Rigs email


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