Carolina Skiff Delivers Variety all in One Boat


Carolina Skiff Delivers Variety all in One Boat

By Craig Lamb

Are you looking for a new boat for cruising? Comfortable seating and a smooth, dry ride should top your list of needs.

Do you plan to load the boat with tackle and head out for a day with fishing buddies? Tackle storage and a wide-open deck for casting and playing fish is a must.

How about a simple, no-frills boat for the first-timer? A budget-friendly rig with just the basics is the priority.

Is it possible to find those features in the same boat? Sure it can if you take a look at the offerings from Carolina Skiff. The company in business now for over 30 years continues to define the category of skiffs.

Carolina Skiff offers 60 models from which to choose for what suits your needs. That is a lot of boats, but you can narrow the selections by understanding how Carolina Skiff successfully combines the features of two or more boats into one. You get more value for the price and a boat that lasts for years and years. 

Here are a few examples of what to look for in a Carolina Skiff.  


The J-Series is an ideal entry-level skiff for a first timer or inexperienced boater. The J-Series is rigged in either center console or tiller handle models. The 16 J CC has an overall length of 15’8” and weighs just 653 pounds. Small in size and big in quality, the J-Series uses 100% composite material, which means no wood or rot. A modified shallow vee is designed to soften the ride and keep everyone aboard dry.

A top choice for fishing in shallow water is the JVX Series. A lightweight hull and modified V-hull design combine for a boat that will carry more, go further and faster with less horsepower.

You get excellent maneuverability and handling with the positive tracking keels. Patented splash guards provide the smooth, dry ride that Carolina Skiff has been known for after 30 years and counting in the business.

Fishermen have plenty of options from which to choose from the JVX Series. Those are a center console, side console and the SS Series, the king of versatility in skiffs. The SS is available in three different sizes (16, 18 and 20 footers) with two different control points. Those include a stick steering bracket for the greater visibility when running over extremely shallow water.

Nine different models are in the JVX Series lineup, and you can customize the rig to fit angling needs. 

A day of fun fishing, cruising or taking the family to a remote beach for a picnic. Wildlife viewing, photography and taking in nature. Raking clams.

The DLX Series can do it all because of its design. A patented hull design with bow splash guards keep passengers dry and protected from spray over the bow. A positive tracking keel on the running surface keeps the boat tracking true, even without sliding on tight turns like most flat-bottom skiffs. 

Choose from seven different DLX models ranging in length from 15’10” to 23’10.

Ready to build your new boat? How about an experiment with different layouts and models? You can do both while researching the options at You can find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website.  Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page.


Original Source: Sportsmans


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