Celebrate San Antonio’s 300th Birthday All Year Long


Celebrate San Antonio’s 300th Birthday All Year Long

by Amy Lignor

The time comes around only once in a great while when Americans who love this country get to partake in a true celebration. This year, however, we have two of the biggest galas to attend, celebrating two of the most cultured and popular cities of all time. When it comes to the year ahead, it is San Antonio, Texas that is calling out to all those Americans to come celebrate their 300th birthday. Not to mention, another colorful, vibrant, well-known spot by the name of New Orleans is celebrating their tri-centennial as well. In other words, this is the year to partake in some very elaborate and memorable birthday parties.

This week we shall explore San Antonio and Bexar County, who will commemorate this grand anniversary with a list of events no one will want to miss out on. History and education, arts and culture, and community service will be at the forefront of everything being done that will be fun for all ages. Not only will their initiatives reflect the storied past of the area but they will also celebrate current achievements, and prepare the world for what San Antonio will bring to the community, state, and country for the next 300 years.


For those who are unaware, this area began as a remote encampment by a river. An indigenous tribe, the Payaya people, called this stunning, welcoming area Yanaguana, which meant “the Clear Water” in their native language. It was in 1691, Domingo Terán de los Ríos, the first governor of the new Spanish province of Tejas, and Fray Damián Mazanet, led an expedition through the area. Being that they traveled on June 13th, the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, it was dubbed: “San Antonio de Padua.”


Twenty-five years later a permanent settlement was built along the San Antonio River to serve as a halfway point between northern Mexico and Spanish settlement areas in eastern Texas. What began with one mission, the well-known Alamo, this town soon grew into four new missions and, by order of the King of Spain, San Antonio was officially and legally declared a municipality known as Villa de San Fernando de Béjar. By 1773, this was the capital of Spanish Texas and the years that followed brought more settlers and pioneers from all over that eventually wove the immense tapestry of cultures and religions found here.


Freedom was around the corner, as all history buffs know, and this area of the globe that people traveled to in droves became a haven for all those looking for a better life. Independence was going to be had by these courageous souls who fought during the Texas Revolution. And it was in 1845 that San Antonio and all its citizens joined with the Union as Texas became, officially, the 28th state.


From that slightly small beginning to a huge battle that would be a part of American history books for the rest of time, the San Antonio of 2018 has grown to be the 7th largest city in the entire country. The real upside is that even with all the growth and innovation, it has never forgotten its past. The culture is still as vibrant today as it was when first established, and the tricentennial celebration is the perfect opportunity for one and all to discover the heritage, relive that storied history, and collaborate on a brilliant future to come.


Although all year this tricentennial will be in celebration mode, the commemorative week happening May 1st -6th is something no one will want to miss. Key milestones will be celebrated. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, this year will include historical events, a look back at the Alamo battle, and so much more, as San Antonio’s multicultural history is honored in all its glory.


With over 500 Tricentennial Community Partners joining the celebration, over 700 events are being hosted. In addition, there is an entire store dedicated to gifts and items from this once-in-a-lifetime event called SA300GEAR.com, where you and yours can own a ‘piece’ of this incredible time in history.


To learn more about the upcoming celebrations and to become a part of wishing “Happy Birthday” to one of the most beautiful and bravest cities in the world, head to https://www.sanantonio300.org today!


Source:  BaretNewsWire.com



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