China is making planes, I’d rather walk!


China is making planes, I’d rather walk!

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!
Ok, so this headline should make most of you unless you are one of my listeners or readers from China, most of you cock your head in disbelief.  Here it is: China just unveiled its first large passenger plane. Whoo .. lets back up. Please raise your hand if you folks out there have had any thing of quality in the past 50 years that had the label Made in China. And Chinese food does not qualify.

Now I don’t mean to pick on the folks over in China. Cause I know, i did a story on them and there new two kids per family policy recently. But come on China, your track record of quality products is as bad as our politician getting any thing done policy, which is, they collect the money, but at the understanding it’s sold as is and no refund.  Lets just say the lemon law is not something you all live by.

Plus you folks have a little problem with lead
I mean if you were sticky in the business of manufacturing pencils you’d be set.  However, you be broke, cause I haven’t seen a pencil in years.

I just don’t get how you think anyone would buy, trust, an airplane that you folks made.
#1. It would most likely fall apart in mid air.
#2. If you could get it in the air knowing how much lead it is made of.

I have two suggestions:
#1. Make your airline logo a parachute. That way folks would feel safer, and stick a parachute under each seat, as a precaution.
#2. call you plane fleet Maiden .. like voyage, “Maiden the USA,” cause if you make poor quality products, you might as well trick um in believing it came from quality place.

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China is making planes, I'd rather walk!-Will Roberts

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