Chivalry is dead? Tell your wife that & your dead!


Chivalry is dead? Tell your wife that & your dead!

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream!

Ahhh, here we go!

Recently I was driving on the freeway, the LA freeway, which is odd by the way. Because something that normally takes 1 hour to get to off the freeway and takes you up to 3 hours to get to on the LA freeway should hardly be called a FREE way, now should it.

So, I’m driving or should say stopping, and I decide to flip on the radio. Oh, For all of you 25 and under, that’s a thing that back in your parents day, that they listened to and had no choice to decide what was next, Scary huh.

So, these two radio guys were talking about chivalry and how woman don’t like to have a door opened for them or a chair pulled out, you know, those old fashion things.

Now, I don’t want to sound old, but here is what I think; First, my disclaimer: I believe that woman SHOULD be treated equal and let’s start with what they are paid.

Next: let’s be real, Men don’t go and have spa days with their buddies.3rd, If you are out with your wife, girlfriend, and a fight breaks out, is it ok if she jumps in and saves you?

Finally, If you think you’re with a woman that does not like that treatment, simply ask her this. “Honey, If Brad Pit or George Clooney offered to open a door for you, would you let them?” I’m guessin’ Most woman would let them and allow them to spoon feed them as well

I’m gonna continue to treat my wife like she is the queen of the world. The rest of you guys, let me know how that treating your girl the same way you treat your guy friends works out after your next fight.


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