Climate Change Issue Reveals a “Turn” of Events


Climate Change Issue Reveals a “Turn” of Events

by Amy Lignor


The lessons, theories and actually proof given in regards to climate change and how it is becoming more and more frightening, are being talked about everywhere. There are still those who believe that “climate change” is actually not real; that nothing is truly getting worse, whether it be by nature’s hand, expanding human climate change, Earth wobble, NASA, green tipspopulations, or increasing industry. NASA, however, has just come out with a statement that may turn those disbelievers into ones who want to know more.


A dramatic shift in the Earth’s axis, the polar motion that is actually attributed to the impact humans are having by not coming together and doing their part to stop climate change, has been seen. With the irresponsibility of some, global warming is actually changing the way the Earth “wobbles” on its axis.


With the bulk being in Greenland, the constantly melting masses of ice are slowly changing the distribution of weight upon the planet. This action has caused the North Pole’s motion to change course. There are scientists who say the shift is harmless: a scientist who was not actually part of the NASA study says it is, “just another interesting effect of climate change.” But it most definitely has meaning to a great many others.


Since 2003, Greenland has seen the loss of more than 272 trillion kgs of ice a year. Added to that, West Antarctica loses 124 trillion while East Antarctica gains about 74 trillion kgs of ice annually, causing the “wobble” to tilt even more. Although science has not found the answers as this world watches and wonders exactly what would occur if the globe tilted in a new direction or at a new angle, each human can most definitely do small jobs to keep anything that may be bad from happening. Make sure to understand that with each “oddity” that climate change brings, weather forecasts turn even stranger. Perhaps during our great-grandchildren’s lifetimes the facts may be that the East Coast knows nothing about snow, whereas the Hawaiian Islands are being buried in it.


Burning fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, oil and gasoline) raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a huge contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Each one of us can help reduce the demand for fossil fuels by using energy more wisely.


Recycling is something a majority does, everything from aluminum cans to newspaper, plastic and glass. If there isn’t a recycling program available at your place of work, school, or in your neighborhood, ask about starting one up. It is a fact that by recycling only half of your household waste, 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide can be saved annually just by you and the family.


Heating and air conditioning units are also impossible. The bills become astronomical to the point where most beg to see the spring and fall in hopes that the temperatures give them a break. But, with a planet actually “wobbling” on its axis, those temperatures may just turn into a new horror. Just by adding insulation to both walls and attic, and installing weather stripping around doors and windows, heating costs drop more than 25 percent. Turning down the heat and/or air conditioning while sleeping at night or away during the day can keep temperatures moderate at all times, and save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.


An easy thing to do? You know the old joke about the lightbulb? Well, replacing just one 60-watt regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light (CFL) or LED bulb, can give back on average $15 in savings annually.


Driving smart and driving less means giving off fewer emissions, saving gasoline, getting some exercise and easily reducing your carbon footprint. And when you do have to take the car, make sure it’s efficient on the roads. Good tires improve your gas mileage by more than 3 percent, and every gallon of gas saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.


Saving on hot water in the house, and planting a tree outside, are also two easy ways to do a huge job to help stop global warming. In the end, sharing information and encouraging your neighborhood to do their own small piece for the world is the best thing.


Like the old children’s toy, our globe can “wobble,” but with our help and support we can come together to make sure it doesn’t “fall down.”

Source:  Baret News

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