College Recruiting Bootcamp at Intuit in Mountain View, December 15

Date: December 15, 2017

Time: 9:30 am

Is your organization struggling to hire the talent you need from one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities? Do your university recruiting plans center on visiting the same campuses year after year, interviewing the same kinds of students year after year, and hoping that you’ll see huge improvement year after year? If so, you’re far from alone.

Join your fellow university relations, talent acquisition, and other human resource leaders from corporate, non-profit, and government organizations on Friday, December 15th for a highly interactive, collegial, and informative day of learning. Be sure to bring something to write on because you’re going to be feverishly writing notes about strategies and tactics which are being used today by your competitors. Join us to learn how to enhance your program so that you’ll stop losing the talent that your organization needs not just to survive but also to thrive.

Thursday, December 14th – Pre-bootcamp happy hour!


Intuit Headquarters
2700 Coast Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043

Contact: 650-944-6000



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