Colorado is at an all time HIGH, literally!

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Colorado is at an all time HIGH, literally!

Recently I was speaking and doing my rope spinning act for folks in Colorado and then politicians in Washington, DC. The folks in Washington didn’t laugh much at my joke, and the jokes were about them. Now the folks in Colorado, they heard the same jokes, and they were hysterical with WILL SAYS ICONlaughter. Now, I am not sure if this is because Coloradans think jokes about politicians are funny or that Washington politicians need to learn to laugh at themselves more, like we do. Then I picked up a Colorado newspaper and read this:
A recent study determined that drivers under the influence of Marijuana are at a major high in Colorado. Major high… Lol,
Makes you wonder if the people that did the study were high themselves. See, I don’t care if a person is high. Ok, with two exceptions; 1. police officers, I really don’t want any shoot first, ask questions later… hmm, too soon?
2. my doctor, I guess unless their name is Doctor Feel Good. At least now I know I should stick to doing my humor in Colorado .. as long as I don’t drive there.

Your friend,

Will Roberts


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