Colorado STOP wasting water, California golf courses need water!

Colorado STOP wasting water, California golf courses need water!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!
Well, this last weekend I flew to Denver Colorado to head down to Durango and entertain folks on the Railroad, Bet you don’t hear that often anymore.


Now I have traveled all over these 50 states x 2 and as much as Colorado is a beautiful place, Denver airport is my least favorite to fly into. I hear because of the terrain the flight into Denver has been closely tailored to match the mountains… BUMPY!


It’s always like an e-ticket ride, back and forth up and down. I guarantee you a lot of promises and prayers, and confessions can be heard on the descent into Denver International.


I have an idea; maybe they should stick the Presidential Candidates on a flight into Denver. We might get a little truth out of those politicians for once. But, DON’T have a voter anywhere on that plane, cause they’ll slip back into campaign mode.


Oh, one more thing; Colorado, I noticed that your toilets, and I hate to bring it up, But your toilets are either broken or there set to mess with folks from California. You flush them, and they run for almost a minute.


Now, that is a lot of water waste. Tell me the truth. Are you all trying to get rid of that Animus River accident, or just rubbing in that you have a lot of water. Cause don’t you know how much California golf courses need that water!


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