Dancing Versus Hope: An NFC Championship Not Made For the History Books


Dancing Versus Hope: An NFC Championship Not Made For the History Books

by Amy Lignor


There was someone hemming and hawing about the Panthers and the Cardinals all week. Oh, wait a minute, that’s not true. Most all of the conversations and fights between so-called “experts” focused on subjects, such as, who was the most hated man in football.
Was it Tom Brady? Or was it Panthers QB Cam Newton? Oddly enough, Carson Palmer and the Cardinals were barely ever mentioned. No offense, guys, but focusing on Tom Brady and Cam Newton all week long, day in and day out, made a lot of fans hope for the
Panthers, Cardinals,“most hated man in football”, 50th Super Bowl, Denver Broncos, Brady, place your bets now, Amy's Angle, NFC Championship, Dancing Versus Hopeultimate irony: That the 50th Super Bowl would be the Broncos versus the Cardinals. Early on in the day, that’s exactly what fans got from the AFC side of the ball.
For the NFC, Carson Palmer and his Cardinals wanted this win. And you could see it. They fought to the death against the Packers last week to go to the NFC Championship and prove that they are JUST as good, if not better, than the illustrious Panthers. But it wasn’t meant to be.


One of the largest winter storms seen in quite some time ripped through the Carolina, and getting the field ready for the game took some work, but it was ready. There was talk about using a variety of cleats on the Carolina turf. After all, that is the only reason (the Seahawks say) that they even lost to Carolina last week.


Other talk included Cam Newton’s “most likely” MVP award for the season, and the fact that his jumping, dancing, throwing towels around like a happy kid – how all of this was a recipe that juiced up the crowd and had his team play even better. The other half of football fans were just talking about how sick to death they are of the ego Cam portrays with his silly dance moves that seem to last forever.


Both teams already knew going into it that their challengers in the Super Bowl would be the Denver Broncos. Which was most likely a shock to them, considering the mighty Tom Brady was basically a “shoe-in” to go (yet another thing the experts stated). What was really unfortunate for viewers was to go from a nail-biting, very cool AFC Championship Game, to an NFC game that was mostly just boring.


Cam Newton and his Panthers couldn’t seem to NOT score points when they were on the field in the first half. Even when Cam threw an interception, Carson Palmer came out and threw it back to them. Unlike what the Panthers showed the week before when they allowed Seattle to almost come back from a 31-point deficit, they did not allow the Cardinals to do the same. At halftime the game was 24-7. Not bad, of course. Carson Palmer could certainly come back from that. And it would have been nice to see the underrated Cardinals win. Because people truly do not want to sit through a boring Super Bowl. And yes, that’s exactly what it’s going to be.


This is the landmark 50th Super Bowl and it feels over already. The Broncos – even with the great defense that shut Tom Brady and the Patriots down – is absolutely no match for a Carolina Panthers team that simply can’t stop scoring. Not to mention, Manning will have a minimal shot against a Carolina defense that looks just like the Seattle Seahawks did two years ago. The Panthers defense forces fumbles and interceptions, and they will knock Manning into the ground time and time again. On the other side, unless Cam Newton breaks a hip while celebrating, he will be able to run against the Denver defense if they come after him. In other words, place your bets now. The Carolina Panthers will be the winners of this year’s Super Bowl. Don’t get upset, though. Much like the Seattle Seahawks it would not be a reach to see the Panthers get this one and then…nothing. Why? Because ego will shoot you in the foot every time.


The only real storyline left is that this will be Peyton Manning’s last hurrah (come on, you know it too), so everyone will be hoping that the old Sheriff will go out like the owner of the Broncos once did. Elway walked into the football sunset with his rings intact, and it would be a nice day for football fans if the honorable Peyton could follow suit. Unfortunately…Cam Newton and his team of dancing Panthers will be a heck of a hurdle to jump.


The wrap-up for the day goes like this: The AFC was thrilling to watch, with a climactic ending no one saw coming. The NFC was not one for the history books. It was just something to tide viewers over while they waited impatiently for their beloved “X-Files” to return.

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