Five Boat Care Tips You Can Use Now


Five Boat Care Tips You Can Use Now

By Craig Lamb


Spending time on the water from sunup to sundown is a favorite way for any avid angler to spend the fishing season, which leaves little time for anything else. To maximize your fishing time, you tended to the larger chores of cleaning and maintenance during the offseason, but there are a few small habits to adapt to make your boat, and your fishing season, exceed your expectations.

Today’s fiberglass boats are built for long hours of maintenance-free enjoyment. That is why Skeeter is the choice of tournament anglers whose careers depend on a boat that provides worry-free use.


So why spend any time at all, other than fishing, on cleaning and maintenance during the season?

The short answer is you should make time for simple tasks that prolong the life and value of your boat.

Make these five tips part of your routine during the season and your boat will thank you.


1—Cover it

Some boat owners mistakenly think of a boat cover as an optional purchase decision when it should be a given. This is especially the case if your garage is already full and you must store the boat outside or at a storage facility. A high quality, a custom cover is key to keeping damaging sunlight off your gel coat, upholstery and carpet. A good boat cover will also keep your boat interior clean during your time off the water.

It’s also important to have the ability to travel with your cover on your boat. On a road trip, a tightly secured boat cover will protect your boat from those unexpected rainstorms, and the dirt and road grime that gets thrown up as you head down the highway. A boat cover also adds an extra layer of theft protection at your stops along the way to your destination.


2—Dry it

Fishing in the rain is almost guaranteed as some point in tournament competition, but simply leaving the boat out to dry in the sun is not effective in completing the drying out process. Make sure you open the compartments and remove any items subject to mildew, such as personal flotation devices, rain suits, and other clothing items. Bilge out or remove any standing water from compartments.

Skeeter understands that completely opening your compartments to dry isn’t always an option. They offer a unique feature on select models called the Dry Dock System. This ventilation system is controlled by a convenient switch near the driver seat that when turned on, circulates air through storage compartments to allow contents to dry.



3—Protect it

You’ve probably seen anglers beach their rigs on the rigid concrete surface of a boat ramp or even a gravel shoreline. The keel slices the water first, but it also contacts those hard surfaces like concrete and rock when landing on shore. The way to avoid damage to the hull is with the added protection of a keel guard. Skeeter realizes that protecting your investment is important, so they offer a Hamby’s keel protector standard on many of their models.


4—Inspect it

Once upon a time, you associated the term “invasive species” with zebra mussels and the Great Lakes, where the invaders wreaked havoc on the ecosystem. Now there is a long list of invasive species, from fish and insects to plants. Not surprisingly, the invaders are spreading throughout the nation by hitchhiking aboard live wells, in bilge water and even attached to trailers. States are taking action and in some places getting caught transmitting invasive species brings a hefty fine.

To especially prevent the spread of harmful aquatic plants, do your part by inspecting the trailer immediately following the load up. Many states have posted signs at boat ramps showing what to look for, and how and where to remove it, before the damage is done.


5—Clean it

After a day on the water, you are likely ready for a hot shower and a cold beverage. Give your boat the same TLC by cleaning the hull. This doesn’t have to take a lot of sweat and elbow grease. The goal is to protect your gel coat from the aftereffects of exposure to ultraviolet rays. Washing your boat is also an essential part of stopping the spread of invasive aquatic species.

Remember, never wash your boat with dish soap. The additives used in dish soap will break down and remove the wax you laboriously applied to your boat during the offseason. Instead, opt for a boat wash and wax, either in spray form or concentrated liquid. These products are meant to protect wax coatings while adding layers of protection.

The benefits of consistent, simple boat maintenance can go a long way. Finding a boat manufacturer that offers features that can help you carry out some of these tips is key. With features and options like the Dry Dock System, custom and in-house designed boat covers, and Hamby’s Keel protectors, it’s obvious that Skeeter Boats values your investment as much as you do.

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