From Food to Fireworks: The “Best” in July 4th Celebrations


From Food to Fireworks: The “Best” in July 4th Celebrations

by Amy Lignor


We’re all familiar with the celebration of “independence” held in Washington D.C. every year. The red, white and blue blasting into the sky over the cradle of our democracy reminds one and all what it means to be an American…what it means to be free. But there are other elegant galas and celebrations held across the land on July 4th that represent the “best” in a Independence Day, July 4th, Charleston, Aspen, St. Louis, Portland Craft Beer Festival, Austin, The Big Applegreat many categories. And for those who wish to travel to see, taste, and be a part of the flavor of these other “bests,” check out the list below where you can have an absolute ball.

If fireworks are not number one on your list for what makes the “best” July 4th celebration, perhaps music is. And if the best in music is what you’re looking for, head straight to Music City for the holiday. In Nashville, live performances begin on Friday and continue all day long on Saturday, and you don’t have to be a country music fan to love everything you’ll hear. From country to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra to rock and indie rock bands, Nashville will provide it all.

Say you are a beer connoisseur and want this to be the “best” part of your July 4th. If that’s your flavor, then head straight to the Portland Craft Beer Festival in Portland, Oregon. This town is the champion when it comes to supporting new craft beers, and it is here where you can sit back and give hearty toasts to the men and women who helped this country become what it is today. Taste the best in beer, watch a parade, and enjoy the festival, food, and fireworks that wrap the celebration up.

What if you’re looking for the absolute “best” July 4th celebration for the kids? Well, St. Louis, Missouri is big on family-friendly holidays. There they provide live music, three nights of fireworks, and the Family Festival that includes everything from rock climbing to face painting so that your kids can have an absolute ball! And yes, there is always Six Flags on hand that offers a slew of rides. This is the celebration that is a truly memorable vacation.

Looking for the “best” in food for July 4th? The Lone Star State, Austin, Texas, offers that perfect barbecue you’ll find nowhere else on the planet. Even Condé Nast Traveler named this city as one of the best places to eat in the entire country. Add Tex-Mex, unique food trucks and eateries to the menu beside the best barbecue, and you have a July 4th celebration that literally caters to your palette.

Looking for the “best” in quiet and luxury? In Aspen, Colorado you will experience colorful flower-filled hills, farmers markets to die for, and a list of outdoor activities to enjoy in the sunshine. An old-fashioned Main Street parade, followed by a community picnic and live music is right there for the taking, leading up to a stunning fireworks gala blasting over Aspen Mountain.

The “best” hospitality? Charleston, South Carolina is all about serving up charm to its guests ten-fold. Stroll along cobblestone streets, gasp at the incredible antebellum architecture, and then be taken back in history as fireworks are shot from Patriots Point. Sit on the deck of the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor, and you’ll get a bird’s eye view of absolute patriotism.

But if you are looking for the “best” in pyrotechnics, The Big Apple is still the only place to go. NBC airs this stunning event from the Brooklyn Bridge and midtown. The display grows in size every year with 50,000+ shells launched in twenty-five minutes. For color and power, NYC is all about the ‘red, white and blue.’


No matter what “best” you’re looking for, just remember to have a happy and extremely safe July 4th!


Source:  Baret News

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