From New England to the Lone Star State Tidewater Dealers Serve You!


From New England to the Lone Star State Tidewater Dealers Serve You!

By Amy Lignor

Whether it be for fishing or a day of recreation with the family; whether you’re looking for versatility, durability, speed, or reliability out there on the water – Tidewater has the boat that will meet every single one of your needs and wishes.


But it’s not just the stunning models Tidewater provides that customers truly crave, it’s also the type of invaluable service they receive from the dealer when they choose to add a Tidewater boat to their lives.

It’s a fact in this nation that customer service and satisfaction is a huge percentage of why companies thrive, and why customers go back to the same manufacturer every single time they want to update, upgrade, or simply buy more. Those who “jump in” with this particular company will quickly learn that the outstanding dealer network at Tidewater is literally the key when it comes to driving Tidewater to manufacture more boat models each and every year. The product is outstanding because the network of dealers is extraordinary. Those men and women who know the Tidewater lines, from bow to stern, aid every customer through the selection, purchase, and answer any and all questions you may have.

“Tidewater is blessed to have an outstanding dealer network that continues to drive us to manufacturer more boats than the previous year.  We build a great product but it is because of such an extraordinary dealer network that we continue to have over 20% increase in sales year to year.”  Jai Couture, Marketing Manager

As the product states, “You Can’t Buy Happiness.” Of course not. But you can get the happiness you desire from buying a boat from one of the supremely efficient and intelligent Tidewater dealers. 




In the Tidewater catalog, you will see model after model – from the Bay Max to the LXF to the Adventure lines and more. You’ll see the mega-capabilities that come with a boat that’s paired with Yamaha fuel efficient 4-stroke outboards—creations that bring to you the most pleasure and the highest reliability. With the perfect recipe of Tidewater boats and Yamaha engines, the pleasure craft you choose will never let you down.


As a customer, however, you not only want 100% satisfaction in the product you purchase, but you also want that same high quality to come from your dealer. The Tidewater dealer network extending from the New England states all the way to Texas is made up of the exact category of people who believe a client’s needs come way above anything else. When thinking about that old saying, “Expect More,” you should know upfront that Tidewater dealers take that adage even further. If you expect more, they give you far more than just that!


So remember, as you head to the Tidewater website and check out all there is to know about the great models and to find one of their reliable dealers near you, that you will come away with not only confidence in your new craft, but also 100% confidence in the exceptional person you’ll be working with.


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