Going Back in Time on the Ultimate Steamboat Vacation


Going Back in Time on the Ultimate Steamboat Vacation

by Amy Lignor


Many people love taking a cruise. But it is the river cruise on that glorious steamboat that not only offers all the benefits a big ocean liner offers, but also creates a more personalized, intimate vacation experience. It is a unique recipe: being able to witness stunning landscapes, mixed with amazing history, while dining on acclaimed regional cuisine and enjoying exceptional entertainment. It is also a true adventure to explore riverside port cities and then come back to the steamboat to find your own personal attendant is waiting to make sure you have everything you need and want during your trip.

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Choosing the American Queen Steamboat Company for your river cruise is perfect. After all, the only thing you need to do is relax while the steamboat takes you on some of the most memorable river cruises in the U.S. Say you are a history buff, by traveling the Mississippi River you will explore the history, culture, and nature of the famous waterway. And that is just one of the unique and unforgettable river cruise packages you can choose from.


This is the ideal vacation – with all of the luxury and none of the hassles. With three magnificent and glorious vessels to choose from – the American Queen, American Duchess, or the American Empress – the abundance of luxurious amenities that come along with the signature benefits of pre-cruise deluxe hotel stays will literally have you spoiled by the time the vacation comes to a close. (So much so, you are not going to want to get off that boat!) Hop-On/Hop-Off shore excursions in each port, fabulous dining venues, nightly entertainment and dancing, 24-hour room service…you name it, it’s yours. And whether you wish to explore the Heartland or wish to get those breathtaking views of the great Pacific Northwest, these journeys through ‘authentic America’ are like nothing you have ever experienced.


Choices that can be made include the Lower Mississippi River Cruises. You will witness antebellum plantations, cotton fields and Civil War memorials. River cruising through the rich history of the Old South is literally like taking a step back in time. When you explore the port cities, you will be enthralled by everything from the restored mansions that grace the Great River Road to the sidewalk cafes of New Orleans’ French Quarter to the sounds of the soulful blues streaming through the streets of Memphis.


If choosing one of the Upper Mississippi River Cruises, you will find yourself taken back in time as you cruise a river that became legendary through Mark Twain’s words. His beloved characters – from Tom Sawyer to Huck Finn to Becky Thatcher – are still alive and well in Hannibal, Missouri, Twain’s boyhood hometown. You will be swept away as you cruise aboard a classic, steam-powered vessel that includes stops at storybook American towns and vibrant, bustling cities.


River cruises are also available along the Ohio & Tennessee Rivers. On these particular cruises, a cultural mecca comes in the form of cities and towns along these two rivers. From Civil War battlefields, forts and homesteads to quaint Main Streets, this is one region that is alive with history. Cruising the Cumberland River takes you straight into Bluegrass Country. The Ohio River is a literal showcase of the best America has to offer. The Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers are a reminder of the wilderness that had to be conquered in order to make this nation great. So whether you are cruising through the wilderness or heading to attractions like Churchill Downs, there will never be a dull moment.


Another choice you can make for the ultimate September Steamboat Vacation comes in the form of the Columbia and Snake River Cruises. Talk about awe-inspiring. Natural, iconic destinations, every port along the journey includes vibrant history. Daring frontiersmen and adventurers came down these rivers and you will quite literally feast your own eyes upon the land just as it appeared in the days of Lewis and Clark when they first spotted it in 1805. The raw, still frightening power of Mount St. Helens; the unmatched beauty of Multnomah Falls; and even stops at the acclaimed wineries of the Pacific Northwest – this is a true corner of America that you do not want to miss.


So as you rack your brain trying to figure out a unique, thrilling, and luxurious vacation for you and the family to take, consider the mighty steamboat that will allow you to look at America from a whole new perspective…while being spoiled rotten at the same time.


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