How Can You Get More Boat for Less Money?


How Can You Get More Boat for Less Money?


There is no better way to spend quality time than aboard a boat. Whether enjoying a secluded cove, socializing in a marina, or tying up alongside a waterfront restaurant, getting out on a boat takes you away from your everyday worries. Extended cruising is even more enjoyable. Exploring areas that can only be reached by boat, far from traffic and noise, is an adventure. Even familiar territory is more exciting from the water as the perspective is different.


Some people will never own a boat. At the mention of the word, they lecture you about how impractical and expensive boats are. They don’t understand that boats are more than just things. Boats facilitate a lifestyle that helps define who you are and your adventuresome spirit. You are daring enough to buy a boat and take that journey, but smart enough not to waste money. What you really want to know is how you can get more boat for less money.


You want a boat that won’t sacrifice safety, quality, and comfort and will still fit your budget. Understanding why some boats possess these characteristics but are less expensive than others is the key to getting the right boat without spending too much.


Helmsman Trawlers builds finely-crafted, sturdy and capable trawler-style yachts from 31 to 43 feet. Their designs are intended to provide reliable, long-range, fuel-efficient cruising. They feature roomy, comfortable interiors and have stable hulls that can handle tough conditions. These quality boats are remarkably affordable. How do they do it?


Most boat manufacturers sell through dealers, which adds significantly to the price of the boat. Helmsman Trawlers sells factory direct. They specialize in low-volume, build-to-order sales that don’t require a dealer network. Dealing directly allows more collaboration and customization as you partner with the manufacturer during the build process. Eliminating the middleman saves you money.


Selective marketing on the internet and in print, coupled with key boat shows are cost-effective ways that Helmsman gets the word out about the brand. As a buyer, you engage directly with company owners who help deliver and support the boat. This reduces cost and streamlines customer service, ensuring your buying experience is a positive one.


Like other quality brands, such as Nordhavn and Selene, Helmsman Trawlers are built in China. Producing a well-constructed boat involves a lot of labor. Serious craftsmanship requires specialized skills in fiberglass lay-up, cabinetry, joinery, fairing, polishing, and varnishing. Machines can’t replicate these skills, it takes trained craftsmen and women thousands of hours to build a boat to a level that you would be proud to own. Production in China makes the necessary hours more affordable, driving down the cost of the finished boat.


The yard manager in China is a part-owner of U.S.-based Helmsman Trawlers. Your satisfaction is important to him because he is part of the company, not a contractor building multiple brands of boats. This also means that coordination and communication between the U.S. sales and support team and the yard is exceptional, allowing them to efficiently build boats to your specifications.


To control quality and costs, Helmsman Trawlers has a carefully developed supply chain. Components for each boat, including engines, electrical panels, shafts and propellers, appliances, wiring, generators, and more are shipped in containers from the U.S. to the yard. After construction and assembly, completed boats are carefully wrapped for protection, then shipped directly to their port of destination. Helmsman Trawlers personnel offload the arriving boats, test, and demonstrate them, and train you on their systems and operation.


Helmsman Trawlers are well-built and tested, so very few problems are encountered, but if issues arise they are solved. Warranty support is handled using local yards and skilled marine tradespeople with oversight from Helmsman Trawlers personnel.


Helmsman Trawlers would never compromise safety, quality, and comfort for affordability. They simply figured out a way to keep costs low and still build and deliver top quality boats. Helmsman Trawlers truly are more boat for less money.

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