How To Build A Carolina Skiff


How To Build A Carolina Skiff

By Craig Lamb

The title might be misleading, but it’s true. You can build a brand new Carolina Skiff using an online tool. Then, let factory craftsman behind a boat-building legacy of 30 years and counting get the job finished.

How you get started is using by using the Build A Boat online tool that is available for free at

Using the app to build the boat of your dreams is easy.

First, choose a model. Carolina Skiff, the leader in the skiff category, has 60 models from which to choose. The best part is each model is easy to customize to suit the needs of the owner.

For this example, the boat of choice is the Carolina Skiff 24 Ultra. It’s a great model to test out using the Build A Boat app. The reason is the Ultra Series is like owning three boats in one. Offshore exploring, fishing inshore tidal creeks, and cruising a large river or lake is all possible in the 24 Ultra.

With the 24 Ultra, you get even more in the same package. Hardcore coastal anglers can spend a morning offshore or inshore and enjoy a smooth, dry ride in a boat laid out for serious fishing. It’s easy to convert the 24 Ultra to a family boat for cruising or water sports playtime. Just store the tackle and snap in roomy, comfortable seat cushions.

Every convenience imaginable is at the fingertips, from the step-in console with Porta Potti to plentiful U-shape bow seating with drop-in table. The 24 Ultra can go anywhere or do anything.

Let the fun begin by taking the steps to customize your boat. Here’s how to do it.

Start at the Build A Boat Page for the 24 Ultra. Choose one of the nine hull color options and then select a Hull Stripe Color Option. What’s cool about that step is you can see your color choices on the mockup boat model at the top of the page.

Next, choose one of the three outboards available for the boat. Those are 200, 225 and 250 horsepower engines.

Do you like the DLX leaning post with backrest and tackle center? Or how about the leaning post with a 32-gallon live well and sink? Choose from either selection.

Now, here’s the fun part. Carolina Skiff owners like to customize a boat to suit their needs. With the 24 Ultra being a three-in-one boat there are plenty of options from which to choose.

After making the Options selections, you can choose from one of four tops and then add a boat trailer if needed.

With your boat complete all it takes is completing the Get A Quote information. You can even print and email your choices to share with others.

If you need more information or help, that’s easy too. At the bottom of the Build, A Boat page just click on Find A Dealer. You can find your nearest Carolina Skiff dealer and meet with the friendly experts. You can also request a catalog that will be delivered free to your door.

Then you can actually take pride in knowing you “built” your own Carolina Skiff, while the skilled craftsmen do the rest at the factory in Waycross, Ga.



Original Source:  Sportsmans



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