I am hooked on IPhonics, are you?


I am hooked on IPhonics, are you?
So I am in the market to buy a new smartphone but, with all the features I’m feeling dumb!
See, I was thinking about getting the iPhone 6 +. Now mind you, I went through all the reasons why I shouldn’t get one, you know, weighed out the pros and cons. Like: Would people think I am trying to compensate because the size? Is it really better thank the iPhone 5, which I have. Would I need a Sherpa or a dolly to cart it around? After I had answered all those questions, I decided to buy the IPhone 6+. But wait, hold the phone !!! The price tag! 750 dollars and then you have to pay 100 plus dollars for monthly service.
The other day I saw a woman with four kids, and she looked very needy. She had an iPhone 6 + with a diamond encrusted cover; It was better dress than her kids.
America, were wondering why we are disconnected, broke and constantly on edge, the reason is, we are hooked on IPhone-ics and the phone pushers are winning.
Try this exercise to see if you’re hooked as well. Next time you are at a function with 5-10 people, have everyone take out their phones. Tell everyone to text someone they know. Tell them to text the word, HOWDY! Do this and then when they send the text, ask everyone to place their phone face down in front on them, now watch what happens. I did this in Oklahoma in front of a few thousand people and let me tell you, within thirty seconds those folks looked like they were cold turkey off something they were addicted to for years. People were shaking, sweating, losing their minds. Try this exercise and know, there is hope.  And hope is normally at the top of the phone. Press it, hold it down and when the phone goes off, enjoy you time away.



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