Interior Design is Uplifted & Rejuvenated by the Home Office


Interior Design is Uplifted & Rejuvenated by the Home Office

~ Cindy Haynes


It is an inspiration point. It is the ‘area’ of the home where creativity can happen, or children can do research for their class projects, or the place where emails are written and friends hanging out on Facebook are said hello to. No matter what the area is used for, the ‘home office’ has become a huge ‘must-have’ for home owners, prospective buyers, and decorators.


home office, interior design, technology, inspiration, creative juicesThe world of interior design was uplifted by technology’s success because everyone needs a computer. Of course, now they need laptops, office space, gizmos and gadgets of every size – even gamers need to have space available for their X-boxes, tablets, and the list goes on and on.


There are some wonderful homes that already provide an area for the home office. Lovely dens that some people view as being rustic. With old underwood typewriters on display where the writer goes in, shuts the door, and inspiration is found. But when it comes to the homes that do not offer such a space, dining room tables can overflow with papers or file folders; computers can be buried by the kid’s jackets or even Fido’s toys and leashes, depending on whether we’re talking about a dog or cat family.


But the interior designer will tell you that you can surround yourself with beauty and inspiration while you have that nose to the grindstone and are working hard to make a living from home. There are various ways this can occur, and anyone, with just a few suggestions and a little creativity can turn a small area into an organized one that you will love to work in.


Hanging artwork is one way that can inspire the worker. That piece or pieces can offer beauty andhome office, interior design, technology, inspiration, creative juices peace when there is commotion all around. Not only art, but adding lighting fixtures to the area to help improve or soften the world around can help increase the function of the worker by adding light or simply by making the area more peaceful and serene. If natural light is better and available in that small area, place the desk against a window.


When it comes to that desk, there are many out there to choose from in all sizes. If you’re lucky, you have a carpenter in the family that builds you a stunning desk with all the drawers and space you need. But, if a carpenter isn’t handy, there is literally a simple, do-it-yourself desk that you can piece together. Think about using shorter file cabinets with a large desktop, panel or anything that be used as a safe surface to put the laptop or computer on, placed on top of the filing cabinets. Having this compact office is just fine, and can be just as comfortable as the imaginative den.


There is other furniture within the home that could help bring this office space to life. A secretary or something quaint works well in a home that is inspired by painted walls and has a cottage feel. The area will ‘match’ with the décor and still be that perfect personal space away from it all.


It used to be that electrical outlets had to be all around in order to make a home office work, but not now. In this ‘wireless’ age, only one central location or outlet may be needed to bring the home office alive. And as far as storage is concerned, which is the biggest concern when it comes to a small workspace, wall-mounted baskets or bookcases can be used to remain organized in order to get the work done.


No matter what the choice is, always remember that even if dealing with a small space, a home office can be created in any style to get those creative juices flowing.


Source:  Baret News Wire

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