Log Cabins Become Staples in 21st Century Living


Log Cabins Become Staples in 21st Century Living

By Amy Lignor


An old saying by an over-worked mom is: “Someday I’m going to take the cat and head to a log cabin in the woods.” The feline was always invited, but the kids driving her crazy were not.

Log Cabin, kits, 21st Century Living, todays world, back to nature, rustic, homeOver time, the log cabin became a part of various industries; even horror movies made sure that all the bad guys lived in a haunted cabin in the woods, a place that all the stars (idiots) decided to venture into and then wondered why bad stuff happened.

But the popularity of the log cabin, and log cabin “kits” in the 21st Century, has entered an entirely new phase. Everyone seems to want the rugged outdoor look again. Not to mention, log cabins also come in the form of expensive “wood” mansions that are aimed at the wealthy.

What began as a home built from logs, located mostly in Europe, the cabin was a dwelling that was chosen to be built because of how simple the construction was. If one looks back in history, these homes were never more than a one or one-and-a-half story structure that were definitely not as finished or pristine as other homes. However, the architecture and construction of the homes were unmatched. In other words, although some other huts would fall during a torrential rain or wind storm, the log cabins could withstand almost everything Mother Nature handed out.

Now Europe is no longer the home of the log cabin. In fact, America has become one of the most favored country when it comes to choosing a log cabin to live in, raise children in, and are even built far away from the “top of that mountain” that Mom wanted to escape to so long ago. They can be found nowadays right in town, adding a simplistic beauty to any area. And the architecture isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Abe Lincoln is not needed to split logs in 2015. (Yes, he may be needed as President once again, but that’s a whole different discussion).


Log Cabin kits have become one of the biggest industries in the world, and Americans are racing to order all different kinds; from the wealthy, finished, three-story cabin, to the rustic home. Many decisions are made before the building begins. The most important decision is finding the perfect site on which the cabin should be built. Site selection still, even with the ability to add on solar panels, etcetera, is aimed at finding a place that will allow the cabin to have the best sunlight. Although this is not the “frontier” anymore, when it comes to the log cabin, the need for light is a must.


When looking up this subject on the internet, a wannabe homeowner will find a multitude of log cabin kits that they can study before purchasing. From the “small” log cabin to the “mobile” cabin to Amish, Appalachian and more, the manufactures are numerous. The floor plans provided are available in “easy” forms that any builder can create. In addition, there are large organizations that will work with anyone on how to choose and build their perfect home.

Log Cabin, kits, 21st Century Living, todays world, back to nature, rustic, home

Perhaps it is the need for ease in this technological world that has made log cabins and log cabin kits so popular. Now that the hard work of the 1800’s builder is gone and the options are many, it will not be a surprise to anyone, in any state or town out there, to soon see a deluge of “log homes” decorating their streets.


Source:  Baret News


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