Luck Be The Lottery Tonight


Luck Be The Lottery Tonight


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, Here we go.


Alright, I admit it, I bout a few tickets and I’ll buy some more this week as well and for as long as long as it’s out there. Now, I really don’t need to say for what do I?  I have a feeling that even billionaires are investing in this week’s Powerball. Which is somewhere around the 1.5 billion dollars and climbing.  Ok, now that I put that out there, now let me tell you that I have a bone to pick with the lottery folks and my fellow Americans.


lottery, American Dream, The Daily Scream, Will Roberts, winning & losing, social & political humorSee, we have enough poverty to go around America to chock a … ah, country.  And here’s a question, has the American dream become a value meal where you can buy 20 hamburgers for 99 cents? Or a world where were we believe that reality tv is a reality. Or that we can forego paying certain bills in hopes that we can use that money to strike it rich?  Hey, I love gambling and when I was younger I spent many ah days, I mean “days straight” in a casino winning, losing, losing, and losing it all. Folks, there is a reason why casinos have pretty lights, beautiful furniture and endless drinks, Cause the odds are with the house.


I really think they should put a cap on this or, at least, put really bright colorful lights on anything that the lottery says they put their winnings to. Cause that was the idea right, part of the lottery winnings go back into your city or state.  I have a feeling if the lottery commission did do my idea of lights on their profits,  a lot of politicians and government officials pockets would light up.
I hope that by some magical powers of the universe that everyone will win and we will all get our money back. Then, we can put the money somewhere safe like in the bank. Bank – Safe, now that’s an oxymoron. Good luck to you.. Get my cartoons and FREE ap at




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