Mickey Mouse Solar Field To Open This Spring


Mickey Mouse Solar Field To Open This Spring

By Burt Carey

What has a two big black ears and a cute, round face? If you said Mickey Mouse you may have seen the 20-acre solar farm being built by Duke Energy Florida next door to Walt Disney World Resort.
Mickey Mouse, solar farm, Duke Energy Florida, modern renewable energy, Disney WorldThe solar panel field is a larger than life outline of the famed Disney character, a fitting nod toward tradition to draw attention to the theme park’s use of modern renewable energy.

In May 2015, Duke Energy announced that it would be building a new solar field of 48,000 photovoltaic panels that would be arranged in a Disney-inspired design. Move over Buzz Lightyear, Mulan, Bambi and Snow White! It turns out the most recognized Disney character of all time got the honors.

Duke Energy says the solar field, which is situated just outside the gates of Disney World and Epcot Center off Disney World Drive, will begin operations sometime this spring, with peak generating power of 5 megawatts. While Mickey and Disney are garnering all of the attention for a spectacle that stands out when viewed from the air, Duke Energy is working with the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Reedy Creek ID supplies power and other utilities to four theme parks and about 40,000 hotels rooms in the area.

Even at peak capacity, the solar field is relatively small compared to Duke Energy’s 9,000 megawatts of electricity produced at coal and natural gas-fired generating plants. Peak capacity of the new solar field will account for just six hours of each 24-hour day, with expected revenues around a half million dollars per year. In contrast, Reedy Creek’s 2015 electricity bill was about $84 million.

“Our new solar facility agreement is another example of how we’re always looking at innovative ways to conserve our natural resources,” said Reedy Creek Improvement District administrator Bill Warren. “The use of solar energy builds on our commitment to protect the environment and is another step toward realizing our long-term sustainability goals.”

The Reedy Creek Improvement District has agreed to purchase electricity from the site for the next 15 years.



Source:  Baret News

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