OK to be racist? I think KNOT!


OK to be racist? I think KNOT!

I am Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream .. Ahhh here we go.

Now have you seen this video that has gone viral about the young frat folks from Oklahoma with the racist chant?

I am not sure, if I think the amazing part of this story is that racism still exist, and people say it doesn’t. OR that these kids on the bus think that this sort of display of bigotry would not become viral. But when I say viral, I mean viral in many ways. You know, like you have Cooties so don’t get near me. Oh, if Cooties is now for some reason a group of people being mistreated, I am sorry I used you in my daily comments
and take this as my official apology.
I guess when you’re of OLD thinking … You’re surprised to find out that the wheel is now round & communication has advanced beyond two cups & a string!

Whats really baffling, is that they took their house away from them with just this ONE incident. Doesn’t that make you wonder how SOME Republicans have managed to keep their house and senate this long?

SAE: Seriously Antiquated Episode !

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OK to be racist? I think KNOT!



Source :  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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