Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go AWAY?


Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go AWAY?

by Amy Lignor


The real world can be a dangerous place. We see that every single day: The horrific crises spreading from the U.S.A. to France and beyond. Death, pain, panic…bad things are everywhere. Now, just to be different, perhaps, we get to read brand new headlines because of a game.


Pokémon Go, chasing virtual creatures, virtual reality, stupidity, distracted, not realBefore you sigh, yes, there are good things about this new app craze called Pokémon Go that has hooked people like a drug stronger than cocaine. Kids are going outside instead of sitting inside and…oh, right, playing video games. In other words, they still have their heads attached to a screen, but at least fresh air is reaching their lungs (when they’re not running into trees and giving themselves concussions). People are stopping by humane societies and taking dogs for walks – volunteering to help – while they are chasing virtual creatures around town. The dogs help them more, of course, because the canines are smart enough to keep their heads up and stop before crossing in front of traffic.


Downsides? Jeez, let’s see… Two people in California were chasing something (NOT REAL) and literally walked off a cliff. Apparently the maps show all kinds of things on this app, from streets to houses, but apparently not the actual ocean. Probably the maker of the app thought people would be smart enough to see or at least hear the ocean before falling head-first into it.


Hackers are getting into the system and bringing people to places – where they go completely alone – and are then getting beaten up and/or robbed. The robbers are not virtual, you see, they are quite real. A multi-car pile-up was already blamed on this dumb game, where people are staring at their screens while driving, then hitting the brakes and causing others to be harmed because they just saw something (NOT REAL) flash on their screens.


People are being arrested for jumping fences. Perhaps your next office pool should be a bet on what date the first lawsuit will be filed where someone jumped over a fence, and a dog – who was protecting the property that was fully marked by “Beware of Dog” signs – ripped that someone’s arm off? Is the dog to blame? Or is this virtual reality to blame? Actually, YOU will be to blame because you just broke the law.

Law enforcement is already spreading news, all over the country, from stabbings in Oregon to thieves in Missouri targeting people distracted by this (GAME). Even in this small town, we have had two car accidents on Main Street where someone decided to U-Turn in the middle of the road to race back to a church, run inside (disrupting a baptism, by the way) to find a virtual creature; yes, it was NOT REAL. But I’m sure the family of the child getting baptized were very happy to have that ceremony disturbed.


Police are warning every student on college campuses NOT to go off wandering alone searching for (NOT REAL) demons, considering there might just be (A REAL) demon waiting there to harm the first person who just happens to be so into virtual reality that their true reality is taken from them in a split second.


People jumping onto railroad and subway tracks. First degree felonies. Burglarizing houses. Strangers luring others into alleyways. Everyone already yells about our Right to Bear Arms, so it will interesting to see who yells when the first Virtual Chaser gets shot and killed by a homeowner for trespassing.


The “Pro Pokémon” players out there right now are rolling their eyes and saying, “Those are only a few bad eggs.” True. Not saying the millions of people playing this thing are doing it to harm themselves or others. Not saying only thieves and “bad guys” are hacking this, or watching this carefully to see how they can score cash. What I’m talking about is safety that no one ever thinks about because they’re too busy having “fun” in virtual reality. I even saw a brand new father walk past his child, not even recognizing said child or the mother, to sit and stare at a screen looking for the next virtual creature to pop up. I have a feeling (just call it a hunch) that this said person will not be in his baby’s life for long if Pokémon Go is more important.


This game has reached the levels of Twitter, awfully quick considering it took Twitter a while to grow as huge as it has. Another angle for all of this? When you read about people who live in an area and actually fall off cliffs and ocean bluffs, 50 to 90 feet, you start to wonder if the makers of this game are trying to judge the intelligence of various countries. If that were the case, this particular country’s
is already showing.


Wake up. The real world is not about to stop for the virtual one. And no matter how much you wish to live in the virtual one, you don’t. If you do get busted for doing something dumb, please remember that the jail you will be placed in will not be virtual; worse yet (gasp), the police won’t allow you to keep your cell phone in there: GAME OVER.

Source:  Baret News

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