Say Goodbye to Space Junk and Hello to Airborne Wireless


Say Goodbye to Space Junk and Hello to Airborne Wireless

By Capt. Ted Lund


But Airborne Wireless Network believes it has the answer. The company is currently in the process of testing its revolutionary new Infinitus Network — which will create a world-wide meshed communications network thanks in part to thousands of commercial aircraft that will be in the air anyway.

Because it is a meshed network, ABNW’s network is like a web; all nodes are connected via multiple links. Unlike traditional “single link-systems” such as most cell-tower and satellite systems, there are no single points of failure as there is nearly always another aircraft, ship or earth station within range of the aircraft.

Say Goodbye to Space Junk and Hello to Airborne Wireless


The company’s goal is to provide wholesale communications services to major carriers and extend network coverage to burgeoning urban areas and underserved rural areas including far at sea in the Gulf of Mexico and other remote locations. The system will also be a boon for first responders in the face of communications-crippling disasters like hurricanes and forest fires.

In 1998, during the pioneering days of wireless data-connectivity, the network’s inventor submitted a patent application to the US patent and trademark office, and on September 4, 2001, a US patent number was granted. Less than a week later, the 9/11 attacks occurred — changing the face of the airline industry and — delaying development of this innovative technology for almost 17 years. In 2016, ABWN acquired this patent and is moving forward to test and deploy this technology.

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