Sea Chaser 200 Flats Series by Carolina Skiff is Perfect for Anglers Who Love the “Flats”


Sea Chaser 200 Flats Series by Carolina Skiff is Perfect for Anglers Who Love the “Flats”

By Ted Lund

Fisherman who love to get “skinny” have a great passion to catch many different species on the ‘Flats”. From shallow water, creeks, grass flats and edges of mangroves, fishing the shallow water can be a great challenge and a lot of fun. Depending on your area and time of the year, redfish, trout, snook, permit, and tarpon are just a few of the key species readily available to those who venture into shallow water.

The Sea Chaser 200 Flats Series by Carolina Skiff provides the perfect combination to fish these waters successfully with a draft of 7 inches and a length of 20 feet 2 inches providing plenty of room for storage, tackle, and gear. With a fuel capacity of 53 gallons and a maximum horsepower of 200 HP, you can reach all of your favorite areas effectively and efficiently.

Standard features of the Sea Chaser 200 Flats Series include an insulated bait well with Maxi-Air aerator system to keep your bait fresh on the way out, an insulated fish box, two lockable rod storage boxes and built-in tackle boxes with pull-out trays. Plus, included is a standard trolling motor panel if so desired and push pole holders if this is your preferred method of fishing.  Options include an Atlas hydraulic jack plate and an additional forward-deck aerated live well. Other custom options include a stainless-steel steering wheel, raw water washdown, forward live well with high-speed pick-up, poling platform, removable backrest for the bench seat and custom AM/FM stereo with USB, iPOD, and AUX plugs.

Additional options you may want to consider include a canvas Bimini top or T-Top with LED lights, storage bag, and electronics box.

Standard with every Sea Chaser boat, the 200 Flats Series includes a 5-year warranty for the hull’s bottom construction against delamination or separation thanks to all-composite, no wood construction for years of performance.

The Sea Chaser Flats Series 200 by Carolina Skiff is perfect for one of my favorite ways and areas to fish. Few places are as exciting to me as the Florida Keys during the Springtime, and tarpon is on the top of the mind for almost all anglers. The Sea Chaser’s 200 Flats Series is as effective poling, drifting or channel fishing the Florida Keys for the Silver King this time of year.

Tarpon begin migrating through the Keys as late as February with the main push beginning towards mid-March and early April all the way into mid-June.

One of my favorite methods of fishing for tarpon is night fishing while anchored in channels during the outgoing tides with either large profile, a dark-colored streamer that mimics mullet or live mullet. For a fly rod, you’ll want a 12-weight rod with a sturdy saltwater reel that holds at least 300 yards of backing. For live baiting, I prefer conventional outfits in the 15- to 20-pound range that hold approximately 400 yards of 30 or 50-pound braid.

Terminal tackle for fly should consist of 20-lb. IGFA regulation tippets with 12-inch 60-pound fluorocarbon bite tippet tied to the fly using a Non-slip loop, providing for more action.

When live baiting with mullet, pinfish or crabs, I prefer to be less sporting. Starting with a Bimini Twist in the mainline, I’ll attach a rod-length leader of 80-pound fluorocarbon. With regards to hooks, I prefer sturdy circles ranging from 3/0 (crabs and pinfish) to 6/0 (live mullet.)

When presenting flies, I like to make quartering casts, aiming towards “blasts or splooshes” made by feeding fish, allowing the fly line to swing with the current, then worked with a steady, slow, strip. If you miss a bite, pick the fly up and drop it right back where you got the bite. With the ample casting deck of the Sea Chaser Flats 200, making these cast is easy.

Live baits fish best when “dead-sticked” in rod holders from anchored boats. The line will tighten, then the rod will slowly bend before all heck breaks loose. My rule, which leads to about 80-percent catch rates, is to let the fish jump five times before picking up the rod.

Regardless of the tackle or technique, the Sea Chaser 200 Flats Series is the ultimate, stable platform for this type of fishing and for the “shallow water” destinations you enjoy fishing to catch your favorite species.

Check out the Sea Chaser Flats Series by Carolina Skiff and get ready for some great action on the “flats” today!


You have a lot of options find out more about Sea Chaser and Carolina Skiff models. You can get started at Find a dealer, learn more about the brand legacy, and build a boat on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page



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