Sports Check-In: The Believable, Debatable & Odd


hqdefaultSports Check-In:
The Believable, Debatable & Odd

by Amy Lignor


As always when it comes to the crazy sports world—which is much like having your whole family over at Easter and at least one of them getting so drunk they think the “bunny” is really dropping those colored eggs in the backyard—there are new events happening for all fans to hear.


Beginning with the NFL. We just mentioned him last week and now we come to find out that RGIII has become the Cleveland Browns QB. Yes, problem child “Johnny Football” is on his way out, and every Browns fan wants to know what RGIII really has in him, considering that the Redskins benched him for Kirk Cousins and didn’t allow him a chance this past season.


RGIII signed a contract for a two-year deal with the Browns worth $15 million with $6.75 million guaranteed, and the ability to max out at $22 million if he hits incentives. Robert is certainly happy, sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines. And it will be an interesting pairing: the QB who’s been brushed aside joins the team that was brushed aside a long time ago. From Tim Couch to Manziel, the Browns quarterback roster has been absolutely horrific. And if RGIII plays even an iota better than he did for the Redskins at his worst, then the Browns will finally be able to say they have the best QB in team history.


On to the NCAA and the Final Four predictions. We all know that when this season started it was wide open as to who would be breakout stars. And when the upsets began and #1 teams starting tanking, the road to March Madness turned more than a little fuzzy. The NCAA sweet sixteen tournaments aren’t going as easy as teams first thought. Although the experts have already come together to state that, at the end, it is a sure bet either Kansas or Michigan State will find themselves raising the trophy. One thing that is a safe bet is the women’s side of the court. There is still one school that can’t spell “upset” even though they do come from a state highly regarded for education. The UCONN Husky women are, as usual, not stuttering toward the finish line.


Some golf news, perhaps? Well, out of nowhere Tiger Woods’s former caddie, Steven Williams, has stated that his old boss’s long-term injuries may have been self-inflicted.


The former world champion is now 467th in the rankings, and Williams agreed when his interviewer suggested that Tiger’s back injuries could have come from the intensive training Tiger did when he was in his glory days. We shall wait and see if the man who fell 466 places (Yowza!) in the rankings will once again have a top-10 finish, let alone a full-blown championship. But…stranger things have happened.


And when it comes to “strange,” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is always on tap for something. A huge headline from The New York Daily News stated “BRAIN DEAD!” over a picture of the ruddy-faced man. The paper was criticizing Jones for his words. Apparently the owner said that he is NOT convinced there’s any link between football and degenerative brain disease. It was only recently that the NFL’s senior VP for health and safety policies said, on Capitol Hill no less, that such a link does absolutely exist.


“That’s absurd,” Jones commented. He said there was no data to create that knowledge and went on to say, “There’s no way that you could have made a comment that there is an association and some type of assertion. In most things, you have to back it up by studies. And in this particular case, we all know how medicine is. Medicine is evolving.”


When attempting to clarify his words, Jones told ESPN that the point he was making was that the NFL has not changed its stance significantly. “We’ve been looking at ways to improve the safety, looking for ways to assist in research and acting on it.” But, according to him, nothing has happened to alter the process. On that, he is correct.


Oh, Jerry…how he needs another championship; the poor man is lost without his Super Bowl wins. Bet he never thought he’d miss Coach Jimmy Johnson so badly. Now that’s odd!


Source:  Baret News

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