Swimming Holes Ain’t What They Used to Be. They’re Better!

Oh, come now, you remember back when… The excitement that school was finally over for the year and you were getting that two month reprieve to go and have some fun, leaving those “books and teachers’ dirty looks” behind. Perhaps down the road in your small town there was a swimming hole where you would all gather. The tire swing hung from that old oak limb that looked as if it would break, even though it had held up under all kinds of weather for hundreds of years. Maybe you lived in a city and you longed for a swimming hole, but the only thing available was the community pool. It was okay but, let’s face it, it was confining and every time you wanted to go with you and your friends there were always a million others who had the same idea to do it before you got there.

The Summer Oasis in Your Own Backyard

  The Summer Oasis in Your Own Backyard by Amy Lignor   Once summer comes, warmth, relaxation and outdoor fun come right along with it. Your own backyard can literally be transformed into that paradise or oasis you crave all those long, winter months when the snow has buried everything bright, green and healthy.   […]

Taking up Residency with Mother Nature

Taking up Residency with Mother Nature  ~ ZZ Troutski   Finding a place to dwell is not exactly the easiest of all projects to complete during your lifetime. Some prefer the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else at the local coffee shop; others prefer the bustling streets and always having something to do […]

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