Controversial Site Selections Made by UNESCO in 2017

It is a fact that each year hundreds of sites – from towering castles to ancient ruins to recently discovered tombs – want to earn the badge of being a UNESCO world heritage site. Not only does the umbrella of UNESCO earn them pride, but it also earns them more money in tourist dollars as well as gives that site protection so that it can never be damaged or destroyed. It is not easy to get accepted by UNESCO – there are a number of rules that must be met and strict guidelines for the site when it comes to preservation. But, to most, earning the designation is worth the work.

The Ultimate Traveler’s Bucket List

For many people, the organization UNESCO is one they rely on to see

UNESCO Proves Why This is an International Decade

  UNESCO Proves Why This is an International Decade by Amy Lignor   In this time in history, violence continues to increase. Whether in peoples’ own backyards, or having to deal with terrorist groups who take innocent lives for no apparent reason, 2016 will go down with many as being the worst year imaginable. However, […]

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