Take a Closer Look at a Small Business that’s  Soaring


Take a Closer Look at a Small Business that’s  Soaring

Amy Lignor

When speaking about small businesses or “start-ups” in this day and age, there are a lot of figures out there that show creating a successful start-up is about as iffy as not getting a divorce once married. However, there is a small business out there that, with one very specific goal in mind, has been proving on a daily basis that they may just have the greatest idea since the lightbulb.

Offering a basic summation for those who may be technologically impaired, since the launching of Sputnik back in 1957, there has been little change made when it comes to the basic methods of airborne communication. Signals are sent, satellites relay these signals, and they are bounced back down to Earth. This is how your calls are made; this system is the foundation for how fast those calls go through. But as anyone who has ever used a cellphone can tell you, this basic single-link system has a very obvious weakness. If one point in the ‘flow’ fails, sending information then becomes impossible. This leads to dropped calls, as well as overloads that delay data or simply cause data to disappear completely.

Airborne Wireless Network (OTC: ABWN) is a company that was formed entirely to create a multiple-link system that does not utilize satellites; instead, it uses already existing aircraft to get the job done. With their patented technology, signals will be directed to airline jets equipped with onboard hardware – making those planes act as the repeaters or routers. This line of commercial aircraft will quite literally be a network of “mini-satellites” that create a global web of connectivity known as the Infinitus Super Highway™.

If a link is interrupted, there will be no need to panic. The system will route signals around any obstructions so that real-time connectivity is maintained, redirecting the signals to the nearest participating ‘plane in the chain’. And, when upgrades are needed, they can be done while the plane is on the ground versus paying a ridiculous amount (which the customer ends up paying for eventually) to send a brand new satellite into an already junk-filled orbit.

By utilizing this system, Airborne Wireless Network will provide greater coverage to rural communities all across the globe; not to mention, island nations and locations such as oil rigs. And with the stronger bandwidth and signal quality, emergency and disaster communications (including tracking missing craft fitted with the ABWN technology), and defense systems will be perfected. On top of all that, onboard WiFi will also improve by leaps and bounds. You are talking about a low-cost, high-speed, reliable internet, unlike anything that’s currently (or ever has been) available.

Complete success was achieved at the recent proof of concept testing the company did in Roswell, NM. The company has also announced their next phase of in-flight testing will occur early this year, using two Cessnas to demonstrate that the Infinitus Super Highway™ can provide up to 10Gbps connectivity between two aircraft in mid-flight.

Look back through the history books. Every company that grew to become a powerhouse in our world began with a brilliant idea. When it comes to Airborne Wireless Network, this small company based in Simi Valley, California, is following that path precisely. They will continue to ‘soar’ and expand as they move forward to establish this airborne broadband network that will take modern communications to incredible, new heights.

To learn more about this company, and watch their ideas develop, find all the information you need at: www.airbornewirelessnetwork.com.




Original Source Baret News Wire.com


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