Taking up Residency with Mother Nature

Taking up Residency with Mother Nature

 ~ ZZ Troutski

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Finding a place to dwell is not exactly the easiest of all projects to complete during your lifetime. Some prefer the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else at the local coffee shop; others prefer the bustling streets and always having something to do and someplace to go whenever they want. But what the outdoor enthusiast needs to remember is that they still can have one or the other without giving up Mother Nature at its absolute finest.


Hiking, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, hunting – there are a list of things for people to do when it comes to the Great Outdoors. But instead of just picking a favorite spot for only vacation time, people are now searching for that one place where they can have everything they want whenever they want it.


There is such a thing as paradise on earth when it comes to nature. There are cities and small towns across the map that can offer hunters, anglers, bikers, etc., the ability to be part of the sport they love on the weekends, while still not sacrificing anything else. Major metropolitan areas are out there, and some are even right alongside the small, hidden lakefront villages that people are craving.


Say you wish to ski when the snow begins to fall; go out to surf the waves when the sun is high in the sky; and hike or camp at whim. This paradise does exist and is called, Portland, Oregon. The Cascades are right there for the skier; the Columbia River Gorge, as well as the coast offer the waves; and the city, itself, offers the diversity necessary for finding a good job, an affordable house, and having adventures in and out of the city.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a famous town in a way because of the celebrities who now hail from there. However, by only mentioning the Grand Teton National Park; Snow King, where the skiers can have a ball; and hiking through the most beautiful ranges available in the U.S., these alone make this city even more amazing to live in. And when it comes to hunting; with the moose, elk and deer, hunting seasons are brilliant.


If the east coast is what calls out to you, there is actually a healthy city in the United States – Burlington, Vermont. Exercise seems to be why this is such a healthy area, which is no surprise considering that biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and more are available near the city. Which means you can be one with the Great Outdoors for a whole lot longer seeing as that health of both people and the surrounding habitats are thriving.


Now…staying in Vermont but opting out of the city, you can live in the stunning, Brattleboro. This is the definition of a mountainside town with farmer’s markets and art festivals, and antiquing that can not be done anywhere else. This is the small, cultural hometown of your dreams that you only have to share with approximately 12,000 other people.


The State of Arizona offers the same sort of thing for you city-lookers or small-town folk. Flagstaff is one of those in-between worlds. People choose this particular area because of the fact that it literally sits amidst the world’s largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest. A city is found there with lots of fun, but the hiking and biking also are there for the weekend getaway.


Just a short hop and a skip away is Sedona. The green pine is left behind as you literally stare in wonder at the red-rock formations. This is the smaller type of area that is all about instilling energy, with their spas and artisans.


A small desert town, Sedona is huge on heart. Its approximately 10,000 residents love the hiking and biking, and then enjoy all the massage and spa treatments they want. Talk about a small town that you would never want to leave!


So no matter what state you choose, there will always be that vibrant city and that out-of-the-way small town to choose from. Just pick which one you want…and head for home!




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