Thanks IPad, you made my kid a DRONE!

Thanks IPad, you made my kid a DRONE!

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!
Let me be the first to tell you that I am the type of cowboy that if something was happening, and I thought I could help, I’d jump right in. Not sure if that is because of some deep meaning in me OR just stupidity.

So here is the situation: I pull up to the doctor’s office today, but I am ok, and as I pull in, I hear… “Give me the keys, Open the door, give me the keys! I look over, and there is a mother with a baby in hand and her at the back of her pick-up truck yelling into the truck to her 2-3-year-old kid to open the door give me the key.

Well, I decided it was not that important yet, maybe when I came out, and if she was still there, I would help out.

Fast forward – I come out, and she is STILL there. But now she is by the driver side window, yelling and kind of hiding, probably cause she’s been yelling for 20 minutes. So, I spring into action and ask her, “can I help you”, and she says, “yes, please.”

So I hop up in the bed of the truck, look through the window and there is a little boy. Now I kinda half expected a younger kid, and I expected something medically to be wrong, it was neither.

Take a wild guess why the kid was not paying attention…. (Buzzer)


He was playing on his mom’s iPad. So I start telling him to open the door. NO GO!

He was too locked and socked into the iPad. So I took it from him and for one second I had the vision of using the iPad as a paddle … ON HIS MOM!

Parents pull it together!

Let’s teach our kids to be people first and robots 2nd, also, let’s throw in some manners and respect while were at it.


Your friend,



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