The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom

The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom

 ~ Carmen Schwartz

Whenever we speak about animals, the environment, helping kids, doing things better in order to make the next generation not only proud, but also have the ability to live in a good, clean world with good, clean air – there is an important person in the equation that we just celebrated yesterday.

Super-MomDad is a major part of the village, as is the child. The seniors, the grandparents, the people moving into the later years of their lives, are also a huge factor in having a brilliant world because they have the knowledge to educate the rest of us on what to do right, and what mistakes to avoid. And then…there is Mom.

Mom was made, in fact, to take care of the village that then takes care of the world. Mom is the person you head to in order to cry, talk, laugh, vent…she is the person you run to for a hug. And when it comes to the natural world, Mom is also that hands-on person who will do anything for their child.

With Mother’s Day over for 2014, it is important to remember as we move forward that Mom is not celebrated in a single day – nor are the rest of the family members. The family unit is always important – whether that unit is comprised of a Mom and Dad; a single parent; adoptive parents; Uncles, Aunts – you name it, no matter what your family dynamic may be, the unit is what cares for one and all. And without these families who truly care, the environment would be far worse than it is today.

No, no yelling about this. Mistakes were made in the past with everything from technology to war to building cities and increasing the business and industry around the globe. BUT, the people – the strength and courage behind all of these ideas (whether good or bad), still work together to this day in order to make corrections, revitalize the nation, and attempt to throw out the ‘bad’ ways to usher in the ‘good’.

Education is a big deal when it comes to being ‘green’. With each new day comes new advice, new information, new energy sources, and new ways to bring back everything from forests to parks. And part of this, a major part that most people will agree is the backbone to all this continuing education and building a world that the next generation can enjoy – is the Mom.

So…just because the celebration day passed, let us remember that the woman who stands behind you for support, beside you for strength and friendship, and in front of you at times for absolute protection from the dangers out there, deserves far more than a pat on the back.

And…this does not only go for humans. Celebrating the true loving Mom’s in the animal kingdom is just as important. Without these Mom’s, the species we love to look at and learn from would dwindle to nothing. There are many different species that have been given a ‘shout out’ this Mother’s Day, but here are just a couple that will perhaps remind you of the strength and wisdom your own human Mom brings to your life.

One of the most beautiful, and most frightening Mom, is the polar bear. Coca-Cola made them the cutest and sweetest and cuddliest, but make no mistake – this is one species that will make sure their children are safe at all times. What most people may not know is that the polar bear actually changes their entire lifestyle when they become a mom. The freedom of the roam is erased and the polar bear’s dedication is amazing. A lot like us human Mom’s, they experience that huge weight gain and spend their 9 months preparing for the birth. Unlike us, however, (unless you went on a hugely wrong diet after your child was born), do not eat for four to eight months after birth. Brining the children into the world in an isolated den all alone, the polar bear waits for springtime and then leads her cubs into the great, wide world – protecting them all the way.

From orangutan’s to the Emperor penguin that will actually trek 50 miles for their babies in order to catch food and bring it back to them, the awesome Mom exists in both human and animal kingdoms.

…And the best part is, they truly work in order to make their kingdom better and cleaner! Support the village, people – and support the mom who will do anything they can to erase the mistakes of the past and create a better future.


Thanks Mom!

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